Thursday, March 31

My March to-do list (Final Update)

As of March 31, here are the things I've accomplished so far.

1. Have my eyes checked for a possible replacement of eyeglasses (Done).
2. Attend Jo Avila's 4th and 5th basic photography module refresher (Done).
3. Complete my men's magazine collection for March (Got FHM, Rogue and DPP so far).
4. Accompany my wife for her check-up twice this month (March 4 and 18): Done for both
5. Renew my passport which expired last July of last year (I might do this in April)
6. Save as much as possible for the birth of our baby (I need a lot of improvement on this).
7. Try to go home to San Pedro to visit my folks there on the 11th (Done).
8. Try to look for baby supplies in Avenida on the 18th (Done. Already looked last 12th of March).
9. Settle my Philhealth and SSS contributions for the first quarter (Done for Both).
10. Update my blog regarding wedding suppliers rating (One more entry to go). 

Now its time to set-up my targets for April XD.

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