Monday, February 7

The week that was (January 30 - February 5)

Sunday: Got up at around 3:00am since I slept at 9:30pm last Saturday. I went online and spent my time blog-hopping and checking my facebook until 7:30am before proceeding with doing my laundry. I was able to finish it ahead of time so I got to do some groceries and buy Sunday's paper before going back home to read them. Good thing we were able to go to mass on time and we were able to complete it. Then we went to Chowking for lunch. I got to sleep at around 2:00pm and got up 5 hours later. I took the bus in going to work since I still feel sleepy to go to work.Good thing I arrived just in time. I was able to check work emails if there are any plus I was able to do personal stuff.

Monday: Work was quite steady until 3:40am when I got a single call that I was able to fix. I was able to do some online stuff personally though my mind wasn't focused 100%. After my shift, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and handed her some stuff. I had another round of breakfast at Chowking in HP (Harrison Plaza). I got home at around 9:00am together with a pack of heavy stuff consisting of my mom's pasalubong from her recent trip in Pagadian City. Then I got to watch Royal Rumble on Jack TV which the winner was quite surprising and I didn't even expect him to win. I got to sleep at past 12:00pm and got up a few hours later. I left home early but my wife wasn't home yet. Good thing I got to see her crossing down the road before I kissed her goodbye. I got late by a few minutes which my colleague didn't mind. My US Helpdesk Manager gave me some tasks to finish ahead of time since I need to clear-up our inbox of some backlogs. I thought I could relax for a while since my throat was kinda sore probably due to the cold weather.

Tuesday: I got to answer three calls that I was able to handle. At one point I was coughing so heavily that my eyesight became blurry at one point. I had to stop moving or doing something before I lose consciousness during my shift (I was at my lonesome for several nights now since last week). My colleague came in at around 2:00am or probably 3:00am to back me up probably and he'll be attending the leaders meeting at our department (he's our TL now btw XD). I got 2 more calls that ended at almost 7:00am which made my pancakes go cold. After my shift, I stayed for a while since I need to unwind and relax myself after a long shift. I took a cab going home to check if the flagdown rate has already increased. Good thing, the taxi I got hasn't updated his meter yet as we traveled back home in Sampaloc. My wife was already up when I got there. In a few minutes, we went to Binondo to accompany her with her insurance claims. After that, we went to the bank to do some transactions there. The place was quite cold since the place was big and spacious. Then we went to Glorietta but we had to stop for a quick lunch since its almost noon and my wife was a little bit hungry. We passed by Ying-Ying restaurant in Binondo to ave our lunch there. After lunch, we continued walking to Sta Cruz to catch our bus ride going to Buendia. Once we got there, we had to jump off at Harrison street since its easier there to get a bus going to Glorietta. But when we got there, my body felt it. Since I haven't got any sleep since Monday night, I'm feeling exhausted and fatigued as hours go by. I showed my wife the exhibit at Photoworld Asia as well as the things I wanted to have for my camera. After getting the things I wanted there, my wife suddenly had this craving and we went to Dulcinea for some merienda. Then we went home but not without walking for a couple of meters before reaching the bus stop at Ayala Triangle from Glorietta to catch a bus going to Nagtahan. I kinda dozed-off while were on our way back but up to a point that I almost fell of my seat (while my wife gets surprised and laughing). Once we got to Nagtahan, we walked a few meters more before taking a jeepney ride back home. Feeling so tired and exhausted, I lay down on our bed and dozed-off for a few hours until the next day XD.

Wednesday: I got up at around 2:00am since I was able to get some sleep since 5:00pm the previous day. However, my body was acting up on me as I feel numb and heavy. I went downstairs to catch the latest online as well as do some blogging. I got hungry but I craved for something else so I went out have some beef pares at an eatery along Espana. Then I went back to go online again. But I felt something was not right. My body felt very heavy all of a sudden. I went offline at 9:00am and went upstairs to get some rest. The more I lay my body down, the more I feel sick. Then I realized I got flu already. I texted our team that I won't be able to work for tonight since I'm not feeling well. Since I haven't got any response from them, I called our mobile number to inform them verbally before getting some more sleep. Then I went back online to see if my body can take it but it seems I was wrong. My body really needs full rest. I went to bed early to see if I would feel better. 

Thursday: Got up at 4:30am still not feeling well freezing. I just went online to do some blogging (made 20 drafts that pop into my head) as well as some other stuff. The morning was really cold and breezy even if our place was not that well ventilated (except for the rooms on the second floor). Then I had breakfast before going back online for a few more hours before waking my wife up at 9:30am. Then I took her to the LRT Station but I was able to take pictures of her for my assignment on Saturday. As soon as I came back, I started cleaning our room partially by removing most of the unused papers there that just collects dust and other stuff that needs to be disposed. It took me a while before finishing the first part of my duties before going online again to do some blog-hopping.

Friday: Got up at around 3:45am since I'm having a hard time sleeping again and I wanted to make sure that my wife gets her much needed rest for her work later. I went online to do some blogging again. But this time, I was focused on completing our suppliers rating for our wedding last 2009. I was able to update them to up to 50% complete but I need some more time to gather some information from my wife regarding with their contact numbers and locations as well as her point of views about it. I was suppose to take a portrait of my wife before she goes to work but I didn't like the color of her shirt she was wearing that time (green) so I decided not to take a portrait of her for the day. I went back home and did the part 2 of cleaning our room. It took me longer to finish it than the previous day but it was worth it since our place is nice and clean again. I got so tired I dozed-off at around 8:30pm.

Saturday: Got up at 4:30am feeling the cold weather. I know I wont win the contest today since I'm still at home right now XD. My body is back from 50% ok from yesterday's 85% state. Its the cold weather I have to blame for this brrrr. By 6:30am, I was finished going online since I had to leave early to attend my session for the day. I got there by 7:15am but I was beaten by 3 hours and 15 minutes since someone got there ahead of me XD. After our last meeting, I went home to give my print to my wife and she actually liked it so much. After dinner, I went to bed at around 10:00pm calling it a day XD

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