Wednesday, February 2

Disappointed with Photoworld Asia 2011

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Yesterday, I went back there together with my wife to let her experience what its like to attend this annual event for photographers and hobbyists like me. This event has been anticipated by thousands of photographers who usually check-out some camera gear for the latest price and if they can get it at a discount. 

I was surprised when we got there because the place was not as packed with people as it was for the past two or three years that I've been to this event. No models at sight for the Canon both as well as queue of photographers waiting for their turn to have their camera and lens cleaned for free. Could it be those will be a thing of a past?

Anyway, we passed by at Tamron's booth to check out Lowepro's Fastpack 250. I was eying for this bag since Saturday but since I don't have enough cash then, I waited for today just to see if it will be on sale. To my disappointment, they didn't have a sale price for this unlike the other items which are on display. To make the story short, I still purchased the bag but let my wife choose the color (I'd probably do a separate blog fo the review of my new camera bag). Then before leaving the venue, I got myself a new t-shirt that is photography related. We passed by other booths to show my wife what I would need in the future to improve my photography (in terms of skills and tools). 

Probably, this is not what I expected that's why I feel much disappointed. Anyway, there is always a next year. XD

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