Saturday, February 12

My First Experience at Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale: Swabeh! XD

I was supposed to write something about this by tomorrow but since my wife tagged me along to her office (there goes my good sleep XD), I'll have to do this while its memories are still fresh in my mind. 

I went there to claim the "My Awesome Life Planner 2011" by Anton Diaz. I'm thinking, why not check the place as well aside from just getting the planner and going home early. It took me an hour just to get there. Some of the blogs I've read say it opens at 7:00am but as early as 6:45am, I saw some people already setting up their stalls and getting ready for their customers mostly from within the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) area.

Going In. XD

By 7:00am, they were busy serving customers, mostly early joggers within the BGC district as well as those who just finished their graveyard shift. And for those who has rest days on a Saturdays (like me XD) do usually come here too.

After taking a look at the entire place, I had to look for a good breakfast. I tried the US Beef Tapsilog (125 pesos) of Auntie Mays. The smell of the beef was flavorful but when I tried eating it, I can't seem to differentiate its taste from a local tapsilog. Probably, I should try other tapsilogs and see if there is any difference in taste (probably my tastebuds aren't that critical yet when it comes to distinguishing certains types of food).

Auntie Mays' US Beef Tapsilog

Then there comes dessert. I checked on Low Cal Cafe and tried their French Apple Torte with Creme Anglaise (125 pesos). It was heaven at first bite plus it replaces sugar with isomalt which is an al-natural sugar replacer made from sugar beets plus only the best low calorie, low fat ingredients available.It only costs a bit higher since isomalt is not as cheap as sugar that we usually use. Plus I ordered their chocolate oatmeal cookies (100 pesos for 5 pcs) to take that home for my wife.

Low Cal Cafe's French Apple Torte with Creme Anglaise

Then, I got a bit thirsty and got myself a pure sugarcane juice drink from Delicane. Its made of pure sugarcane that it nourishes the liver, lungs and stomach. I had a concern about the ice on their drink and the attendant mentioned that it was frozen sugarcane. I was so convinced at this drink, I had to buy another for the road (that cost me 75 pesos all in all) XD

Delicane's Pure Sugar Cane Juice

I got curious about the dips from Chile Vitas and the attendant mentioned that these usually replace boring sweet and chili sauces that we usually buy from supermarkets. I got their chili and cheese (164 pesos I think) to try at home.

Chile Vitas' Chili and Cheese

Then I got a little bit hungry again and I tried Resty's Roast Beef. I had mine paired with pesto pasta and marble potatoes (125 pesos). The beef was really soft and tender I didn't have a hard time eating it together with the side dish. Though I hope their gravy doesn't taste like the same as I've tried before (or it could be just me).

Resty's Roast Beef with Pesto Pasta and Marbled Potatoes

When I got thirsty again, I checked out  Teaology. Its another tea franchise similar to what I've tasted last Friday at the mall. Its concept aside from choosing the drink, you need to choose your topping as well as the sugar level of your tea (which for me it helps for those with high sugar levels). I got the Frosted Mint Chocolate Milk Tea (95 Pesos for Large) and it was refreshing because of the hint of mint in the tea. I choose the sweetness level at 50% and for me it was just right. The owner (I think) asked for my blog which I gave it to her.

Teaology's Frosted Mint Chocolate Milk Tea

As I continue going around (my planner hasn't been there yet), I checked on one of the chocolate from Theo and Philo and I got curious with their Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo. The sweetness of chocolate melts in my tongue but afterward, I felt the spiciness of the siling labuyo that made me sold to the product. I bought one bar (95 pesos) for my wife and I told her that's my Valentine's gift for her XD.

Theo and Philo's Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo

As the sun goes higher, I tried Yoh-Gee's original frozen yogurt (50 pesos). It has a rough feel in the tongue but it really tastes good it kept me cool under the sun XD.

Yoh-Gee's original frozen yogurt

All in all my first experience at Mercato Centrale was really fulfilling but I WON'T Recommend this if you're going alone. Why? You might spend over a thousand pesos just to satisfy your cravings XD. But seriously, I see myself gong back there sometime soon to try out other foods. This place is HIGHLY recommended for foodies who wanted to try something different.And be sure to go there early to get the best view and be able to get decent food shots. ^_^

I'll be back soon. D

And by the way, they do free taste test to help you decide whether to buy or buy more. XD

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