Friday, January 21

What is your ritual on your birthday

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I vividly remember when I was young, my mom takes me to a church on my birthday at exactly 5:40pm. Why 5:40pm, I asked my mom. She said that's the time I was born. That was the time my mom was so happy that she had a good, loving and thoughtful son (Shucks! XD).

As I grew up, I make it a point to visit any church that I can find before 5:40pm every year on my birthday. I missed doing it at least once or twice in my entire life. But as the day is getting nearer, I make sure to free my afternoon to go to the church and thank my Almighty Creator for all the blessing he gave me and all the challenges he threw on me to conquer and make me a better man. 

This is my Birthday Ritual. Whats yours?

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  1. hmm nice ritual!
    ako naman, i dont take a bath on my bday kasi tamad ako.. hehe


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