Friday, January 21

Signs that you're getting OLD

I put OLD with a capital O-L-D for emphasis. XD

1. You'll be experiencing back pains, joint pains rheumatism, arthritis and some more discomforts that your parents had. 

2. You'll be more careful with your health especially with what you eat. So no more Sisig, Crispy Pata, Dinuguan and the likes.

3. Hanging out at coffee shops are your means of relaxing instead of grabbing a bottle of beer.

4. You use your planner more as you forget things more often especially important birthdays.

5. You will be surprised with how kids act and react.

6. You will realize that you want to have a house of your own.

7. You are saving more for your retirement fund.

8. You will be having difficulty understanding your kids on dealing with their assignments.

9. You prefer simpler things in life to lessen complications especially with technology.

10. You will forget some people whom you don't interact often. More so, your past flings that still cling on you. XD.

I think I got some of them but hopefully not all of them. XD

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