Sunday, January 23

The week that was (January 16 - 22)

Sunday: Got up at around 6:00am or probably later than that. I was able to go online for a while before doing my laundry. I was able to do some grocery as well as have my breakfast at Chowking since food wasn't available at home. I woke my wife up while reading Sunday's paper. After mass, we went back to the grocery store again to get some more items that we really need. Then lunch was mongo which made me a little bit sleepy (that helps XD). I was able to sleep from 2:00pm to 730pm and prepared for another work week. I took three buses to go to work (that's common) and I got there ahead of time. My shift started slowly and quietly as I was able to relax and monitor some servers as I do some stuff as well. XD 

Monday: Well just like last Sunday, I was able to do some personal stuff online and offline as I got my only at at around 5:30am which I was able to fix right away. I went home via MRT-LRT but I had to pass by Subway in Glorietta 3 since I got hungry. I noticed that taking the MRT-LRT route takes longer than any routes I take when going home. Probably, I'll consider this as my last option since the Crossing-Quiapo is way uh faster for me to go home. My wife was still sleeping when I got home so I woke her up and turn on the laptop while I waited for her to get herself ready. After taking her to the LRT, I went back home to continue blogging until 11:30am. I was able to doze-off from 12:30-7:30pm and get myself to senses for work. Again, I got to the office early as the US Team was just starting their week. 

Tuesday: Work was quite smooth though I feel I'm getting busy as each Monday goes by. I feel that every Monday, I always got swamped with work with some lags from the weekends. When I got home via cab, I slept for four and a half hours before getting up at 12:30pm to accompany my wife to the hospital for her monthly check-up.We left at around 2:30pm and took a bus to The Medical City. Every time we go there, it takes a while because the bus stops at Robinson's Galeria to pick-up more passengers en-routing to either Antipolo, Cainta or Taytay in Rizal. What we did instead of waiting for the bus to load more passengers is we jump off the bus and went to the nearest jeepney going east. In no time, we were able to get to The Medical City instead of waiting for our bus to go there. Good thing we her doctor doesn't have much patients as she was in our previous visits there. Our stay there didn't take that long except that my wife will undergo Urinalysis again to check her urine and her condition. Then we went to Robinson's Galeria to have our late lunch/early dinner there. We tried Goodles (Pasta in a bucket) but I didn't like the pasta I ordered. I didn't know that it has only edible flowers and no meat plus its too salty for my taste. Then we went home right away and I went straight to bed to get some more sleep. I got up at around 9:30pm and prepared myself before leaving at 10:00pm. I was late for work but my colleague will be there already so its ok. Instead of taking a cab, I took the Crossing-Ayala route and I got there in less than an hour.

Wednesday: Work wasn't that heavy as I concentrate on remote installation of some software to our US clients. After shift, we went home right away to our respective wives. When I got to our place, I bought some medicines the doctor prescribed to my wife as well as had my breakfast since I'd anticipate that there is no food at home. The weather was quite cold as it drizzled for a while. I got home finally at 9:00am and woke my wife up. After taking her to the LRT Station, I went back home to go online until 11:30am. By 12 noon, I already in dreamland XD. I got up at around 7:30 but I still wanted to get some sleep. Before I left for work, my wife texted me saying that she needs additional medicine because the results of her urinalysis wasn't that good =(. I was able to buy the medicines that she needs. But when I was on my way, I noticed that the medicine pack says 500/125 instead of 625mg. I informed my wife right away about the notice and told her to call the doctor if its ok to take the medicine. I got late by a few minutes since I had to go to the drugstore to buy some needed medicine.

Thursday: Work was quite slow and steady. I was able to have a hearty lunch at 2:00am and I got really full XD. I was also able to do some online work by blog-hopping and updating my own as well. After shift. I went to CBTL in Salcedo to get my planner there and claim my free frozen swirl. An hour and a half later, I went back to the busy streets of Ayala to go to 6750 to deposit my payment at BPI for My Awesome Life Planner 2011 by Anton Diaz. It was my first time to do such transaction where in I pay though bank instead of face-to-face XD. I noticed that it was almost 10:00am so I waited for Glorietta to open so I could buy some magazines to add into my collection. Good thing I was able to get a copy of Playboy November-December 2010 issue and UNO December-January 2011 issue. Then I went home to get some much needed rest. The path going to SM Makati via Glorietta was closed so I had to go to a longer route. When I got to the MRT, I saw a long queue which I did not bother to join. Instead, I took the bus going to Ortigas. When I got to Ortigas, I got hungry again so I had my lunch at Sisig Hooray by the food court. I tried to check if Playboy Jan-Feb 2011 was already available but to no avail. Finally, I went home via G-Liner. When I got home, I didn't sleep right away. I went to Llanas to buy the things I need to make a Grilled Liempo. Then I tried my luck in preparing the perfect marinade since my mom didn't tell me the exact amount of the ingredients that I need. Then I went online a again as long as I can to keep myself awake. At 7:30pm, after being awake for 24 hours, I now slept soundly XD.

Friday: Got up at around 4:30am after being in bed for 9 hours (the longest in a while XD). I went online to check my facebook since I know a lot of people will be greeting me on my birthday XD. Then I did my usual online stuff and did some blogging as well. I waited for my wife to get up before taking her to the LRT. Then I went to Intramuros first to have my lunch there at Manang's before going to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. Then I went to SM Manila to do some Grocery. It took me a while before I got back home because there was a rally at Mendiola. When I got home, I went online again for a few minutes before preparing the thing I need for grilling. At 5:30pm, I went to church to pray and give thanks to my Almighty Creator for giving me another year to live. Then, I started grilling. But I was having a hard time having the flame started until my brother-in-law gave me a helping hand. At first, I found the foldable griller too deep but when the heat was more than enough I'd say the depth was just right. I was able to enjoy the rest of the day and got sleepy at 11:00pm.

Saturday: I got up at 3:00am after sleeping for four hours. I was suppose to get some more sleep but I had to adjust my body again for tomorrow night's work. I went online and did some blogging again. I went out and took some snapshots for my Project 52. Then I woke my wife up since she'll be late for work. I got myself ready since the session I'll be attending starts at 1:00pm (an hour ahead) for the day. After that enLIGHTening session, I went to my wife's office in Katipunan to pick-up my wife. Then I took some snapshots from the balcony of my wife's office from the 15th floor which was quite scary since the the railings doesn't look safe enough. After my wife's shift, we went to Banapple in Katipunan to check their famous banoffee pie. Then we went home after dinner very stuffed and very sleepy. At 8:30pm, was totally knocked-out XD.

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