Monday, January 17

The week that was (January 9 - 15)

Sunday: I got up as early as 1:00am and hoping to get some more sleep but I wasn't able to =(. I got up instead at around 3:00am to go online and do some blog reading.I sent a notification to The Boutique Bread and Breakfast to inquire for a possible reservation on the 14th of February. I was able to get reviews (both good and bad) from this place and I must say more people liked the place than those who didn't. Then I went out at 9:00am to buy some groceries for my weekly consumption. I tried Quaker Oat's rolled oats and so far, its ok for me. Then I picked-up Sunday's paper for me to read at home. I went upstairs to read Sunday's news while my wife was still sleeping.When she woke-up, I prepared myself since we will be attending the 12:00pm mass at St. Anthony Shrine. After mass, we went back home to have our lunch and for me to get enough sleep since I'll be working that night. I think I got at least 5 hours of good sleep which made me feel energized. I left home at 8:45pm and got to the office with a lot of time to spare.

Monday: Good thing there were no calls which allowed me to do other things online and offline XD.After shift, I went straight home but not without stopping by at Intramuros to get my breakfast at Manang's fried chicken at stall #9 while having a good view of the people there as well XD. I got home at around 9:30am only to find out that my wife was still sleeping soundly. I woke her up and told her she's getting late for work. After taking her to the LRT station, I went back home to go online for a couple more minutes before getting some sleep. I was already thinking of my assignment for Saturday's class and I was able to got an idea. I got up at probably, 7:30pm and prepared myself for work. Traffic was quite ok as I got to the office on time as well as do some personal stuff before the US team switched the phones to me for their lunch time (that would be 1:00am here XD).

Tuesday: Work was quite fast and steady as phone calls kept me busy for a while. Then after their lunch, I was able to free myself up and respond to email concerns as well as do some monitoring procedures as well.  After my shift, I went home via Ortigas-Quiapo route. It took me while to get home though but I was able to travel within an hour and a half. My wife was still sleeping when I got inside our room.I woke her up telling her to get up and she'll be late for work.After taking my wife at work, I went online at home again for a few more minutes before finally going to bed at 11:00am.Good thing I was able to get enough sleep for me to stay awake and active throughout the night. When we got to the office, our US counterparts told us that they will be passing the phones to us since the weather there was getting worse and worse.

Wednesday: The phones were sent to night mode at around 1:00am since the weather in the US (Delaware, OH) got worse. Though they were able to go online for our group chat, we're the main contact until our shift ends.We got a lot of calls but the good thing was it didn't come all at the same time. Probably we got 2 calls per hour.Our shift was still okay since our US counterparts were working from home which means we can escalate some calls to them just in case the problem would be beyond our control. After shift, we went home right away since we got so tired taking calls for the night. My wife was still sleeping when I got home so I woke her up and waited for her to get dressed before taking her to work. I was able to go online before going to bed at high noon. I got up seven hours later getting ready for work. Good thing work was quite smooth and steady when our shift started.

Thursday: Work was a little more fun since we don't have the phones the entire shift (US). We had 2 calls each and was able to relax a bit. My colleague (Recently got appointed to TL) told me that I'll be having a different schedule for that night since I need to speak with my IT Manager about my performance. I suggested a 1:00am to 10:00am schedule for me to be able to talk to them after my shift and they agreed. But I had to wait for the confirmation from our manager for the discussion to go through. I went home right away but I had to pass by Tropical Hut to have some breakfast before finally going home. I told my wife about my possible schedule for the night and I saw he a little bit worried. I told her not to since I'm used to traveling at night as long as I know my way. I waited for the confirmation until 1:00pm but it didn't came. I slept throughout the day and probably had my eyes opened at 7:00pm and checked my cellphone for the confirmation. The sms was sent at around 2:00pm and they called me at least twice and waited for my confirmation. I was thinking I could have just worked from 10:00pm to 7:00am to get the full benefits of my night differential. I left home at 11:15pm and got there an hour later. 

Friday: I got here in the office at 12:10am for my 1:00am to 10:00am shift. So far, I was able to do some End-of-Lease (EOL) audits as well as a few emails before doing some blog-hopping again XD. Good thing work was a bit slow so I was able to do some personal stuff online and listen to music XD.At 7:00am, I went down to have breakfast since eating oatmeal wasn't able to satisfy me. Then I got two calls between 7:00am to 10:00am. My body somehow doesn't agree with that kind of shift I had for the night as I yawn more often. At 10:00am, my IT Manager wasn't there in his office yet and I'm starting to feel a little bit impatient. I even tried to stay online to blog-hop but I was very cautious that someone might be looking at the back XD. I went out first to buy something at the Enterprise Tower (something I haven't done in a while). Then I got a call from my colleague saying my IT Manager was looking for me. I went back right away and waited for my turn (I'll create a separate blog for this). After our discussion, I left right away and went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. It took me at least 45 minutes to go there. Despite feeling sleepy, I used all my energy to go there and keep myself awake. Then we had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo before finally taking a cab home. I thought it would take me a while since traffic was really horrible. Good thing I got home in less than 30 minutes. As I change into comfortable clothes, I took some shots for my assignment hoping to get less criticism and learn from it. After a few clicks of the shutter, my body finally gave-in making my eyes shut at 3:30pm. Then my wife woke me up at 9:30pm telling me to get up for dinner and watch TV. I went online for a while until probably 12:30am.

Saturday: I was able to get a good sleep as I got up at around 6:30am (the latest in months XD). Then I went online again to check some personal stuff and do some blog-hopping. Then I had my breakfast outside since there is no food available at home. As I comeback, I opened the TV and I was able to watch DDP-TV. Its a TV show made for aspiring photographers by the best in the business. I learned something from the show though its almost over when I flipped on the remote. I'll make sure to watch it next week. After taking my wife to the LRT station (she got work on a Saturday), I prepared myself to attend another session at Annapolis Street in Greenhills. Going there didn't take me that long but I got there to early. So I looked for a place to hang-out for a while before the session started. After the session, I went to Robinson's Galeria to attend the FHM Autograph signing of Carla Humphres. I had to cut my bonding time with my friends since my wife was waiting for me back home. As I got home, I fixed my things and soaked my laundry so I could wash them the next day.

Another long post. Sorry XD.

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