Monday, January 17

The Beacons of Change: The UCC Vision Logbook Launch

Taken from Mr Pusangkalye

I've heard this logbook while reading The Manila Bulletin one Monday morning last December (last year that is XD). Since I've been hooked in collecting interesting planners, why not include this one after getting one from Starbucks, CBTL and one from Navi since it looked pretty much interesting. Though I wanted to blog this way back, I wasn't able to do so because I can't seem to find a sample picture of the UCC vision logbook until now (Thanks to pusangkalye for the picture).

As I was reading through that paper, I was impressed on the contents of the logbook. Its not your usual planner because it also contains some insights from no other than the top business coaches in the Philippines which includes Francis Kong, Prof. Jay Bernardo III, Hubert Young, Raju Mandhyan and Randell Tiongson. To get this vision logbook, you must have an accumulated receipts worth 5000 pesos. 

After meeting my mom at Harrison Plaza, my wife and I went to Robinson's Place Manila to try out UCC there. Also my other motive was to check the logbook myself and get the feel of it if this was meant for me or not. As we were waiting for our order, I went to the counter to ask one staff over there if I could take a look at their UCC Vision Logbook and she said yes. 

As I went back to the table together with the vision logbook, I flipped through its pages and it was like WOW! This really packs lots of useful stuff. My wife even agreed to it that this thing has a lot to offer. We scanned through the pages together and we can't help it but feel amazed. We were so amazed, we didn't notice how time pass by and before we knew it, we had our food at the table.

While we were eating, we discussed the possibility of getting this vision logbook since it will only be available until February 11 2011 as mentioned by one of the staff there (contrary to what I have read saying it would be until February 28). I was almost sold to the idea that I must have this since I find it very helpful.

However, getting this would require me to collect 5000 pesos worth of receipt (accumulated) and our lunch there costs us 1300 pesos. That means I have to spend 3700 pesos more to be able to get this vision logbook for free. Five percent of the proceeds by the way goes to the Christ's Commission Fellowship, a movement with outreaches for ethics and values formation for the government, prisoners, school children, cancer and substance abuse patients and other sectors of society.

I have to decide until then whether or not I have to get this vision logbook.

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