Friday, January 21

32 Things I'm hoping I could do better this year.

Thirty-two being my age, I have a list of the things I hope I could do better this year. These 32 things were products of my life's experiences for the past 31 years committing mistake after mistake and learning from it. Though there were some regrets along the way, eventually I never regretted doing the things I did before. And probably if I knew I did the right thing, I'll do it again XD.

Anyway, here are the 32 things I hope I could do better

1. Be a better husband to my wife as always XD.   

2. Be a better dad to my soon to be son/daughter.  

3. Re-certify myself in CCNA.    

4. Learn more basic technical stuff.    

5. Travel to at least 2 out-of-town destinations with my wife (and kid).     

6. Be better at focusing on specific task (especially at work) XD

7. Manage my time more efficiently.

8. Manage my finances better (Probably, I'll let my wife hold our ATM XD).

9. Keep my self in the pink of health.

10. Learn more photography techniques to take better photos.

11. Do better post-processing techniques.

12. Take time to read real book. XD

13. Go offline more often (opps. Blogging is not included here XD).

14. Forget all tragic past and learn through its experience.

15. Look for a better house for me and my family.

16. Be a better writer since I'm blogging more often.

17. Be more responsible in keeping the surroundings clean and pollution free.

18. Be more productive at work.

19. Visit my folks in San Pedro more often.

20. Get connected Spiritually more often

21. Try different restaurants outside malls together with my wife.

22. Stop thinking of negative thoughts and concentrate more on the positive ones.

23. Listen to old music as what I was doing even before back in high school.

24. Re-connect with old friends and create friendship with new ones.

25. Learn to fix some house problems like a handyman XD.

26. Take time to clean our room more often.

27. Try to learn Video Editing when I can.

28. Get 7-8 hours of sleep in a day.

29. Check the nutritional contents of the food that I eat.

30. Never stop learning and searching for answers.

31. Life life to the fullest and always seize the day.

32. Take time away from everyone. Relax and have a cup of coffee in a place that is so serene. 

There you go folks!

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  1. goodluck on your list. almost all are attainable. have fun and goodluck!


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