Wednesday, January 12

And CBTL Responds

When I got home yesterday, I got a response from CBTL regarding my rant last Dec 31, 2010. This is how it began after I felt disappointed to find out their Greenbelt 3 Store closed 30 minutes ahead of their supposedly closing time last December 31 (at 9:00PM). 

They sent me a personal message on facebook asking me to send them an email about the incident. 

Then, they sent me an email and they were apologetic on what happened. But before they replied. Here is my email to them before they replied.

And here is their reply. 

I haven't replied yet since I'm a little bit busy from work and I haven't choose the flavor I wanted to try.

Bottomline here especially for those who have businesses, listen to your customer. Let them air out their thoughts so you could learn from them. 

I have nothing against CBTL. In fact, I liked some of the products I tried recently especially I'm one stamp away from getting my planner from them. And theirs would make the competition run for their money (I'll probably create a separate blog about their planner, and my feedback once my concern has been aired). 

For now, I have to think which flavor to try. XD

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