Tuesday, December 7

The week that was (Nov 28 - December 4)

Sunday: Work was Zero that time so I just watched some videos on youtube. I waited for my shift to end before leaving the office. My wife texted me last night saying she wanted banoffee pie from Starbucks so I went to at least 6-8 Starbucks stores within Makati since most of them are closed on a Sunday. I bought one on Seattles Best but I felt that she may not like it so I bought one from Starbucks as well. Then I went to KFC in Ayala Station to have my breakfast there before going home via MRT-LRT2. My feet were killing me but I managed to hold on before going to bed finally.I was able to get some few hours of sleep before getting up at almost 2:00pm. I went online again to check my mafia wars and other personal stuff. Then I went back home to wait for my wife get ready for the 7:00pm mass. After mass, we went back home to enjoy the rest of the night. I didn't fall asleep at 8:00pm. Instead, I fell asleep at around 9:00pm. XD

Monday: I got up at around 4:30am and went online for a while. Then I prepared myself to go home to San Pedro to visit my folks there as well as get some clothes there. I didn't took my wife with me since she's still sleeping and still in delicate condition of her pregnancy. It didn't took me more than an hour to reach our home in San Pedro as my mom was cooking when I got there. She was making my favorite creamy macaroni soup (sopas for short XD). I left home at around 12:30pm after a hefty lunch of lechon paksiw and lechon kawali. I didn't encounter any traffic on my way back to Manila.Then I went online for a couple of hours there to let time pass by before betting on the lotto 6/55 hoping I would win. XD

Tuesday: I got up at around 6:30am though I still feel tired and sleepy. I watched DVD to make me feel sleepy. Around 1:30pm, I dozed-off and got up at around 7:00pm before reporting for work. This would also be my 6th working night that I had arrive early at work. XD.

Wednesday: Work was quite steady as I got 2 out of 5 calls for the night.  As we started the night, we had some calls as the phone has been passed to us for their daily meetings. Then after shift, I went home right away but I had to pass by BDO to deposit my paycheck that I got for November as well as I went online for a while. Going back home took me a while since there was a rally at Manila City Hall regarding the Banning of "kuligligs" in Manila's major roads. I got home at 10:45am and slept from 11:00am-7:00pm. Good thing going to the office didn't take me that long.

Thursday: I felt a bit cold throughout the night as I'm still not 100% well.Then I went home at around 7:30am and got home after an hour. Then I slept from 9:30am to 1:00pm since I have to take my wife to the hospital for her regular check-up.We waited for a while before her Doctor shows up since she herself got too busy as well. After her check-up, we went to Robinson's Galeria to have our early dinner and have some fraps at Starbucks. I also bought FHM's December issue and UNO's November issue and both have great contents.Then after coffee, we went home right away and I took a nap and told my wife to wake me up at 9:30pm which she did. After waking up again, I dressed up and left home in a hurry. I took a cab going to the office even though I know I'll be late for work. Good thing the taxi driver knew his way and we were able to get to the office in 20 minutes which means I'm only 10 minutes late. XD

Friday: Work was quite steady as we go some calls during US lunch hours. The rest of the morning is a little bit boring afterward. I was able to complete the Sugo Episodes before my shift ended. I went home right after my shift but it took me 2 hours to get home since I got stuck in traffic at around Pureza area. I was able to sleep for 2 4-hour sets before leaving home for work. I got late for a few minutes to get my mocha frap at Starbucks XD. I was hoping that the rest of my shift would be free from work but I was wrong.

Saturday: This was the start of heavy workload as I got 9 calls for the shift before I went home. My eyes were really heavy at the time I was submitting all the necessary reports. Then I got home via Cab within 30 minutes but I stopped by an eatery for a quick breakfast. I was able to doze-off at 8:30am only to get up at 11:30am =(. I just had to enjoy the time I had left for the morning before leaving home early to attend the Bumper to Bumper 6 at Bonifacio Global City. I didn't finish the event since I feel sleepy that time. We had dinner at Market Market before parting ways in Ayala Ave. cor. Edsa. I took a bus going to the office and got there within a few minutes. I had to assist my new team mate since he is not yet familiar with our Helpdesk activities. Then I had a call before the turn of midnight but the user confirmed that everything is working fine now. ^_^

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