Wednesday, December 8

Truth Commision: Unconstitutional as per Supreme Court

I was reading today's paper while making myself fall asleep, I got surprised with the headline from The Manila Bulletin. Supreme Court declares the Executive Order 1 (or EO1) unconstitutional because they think it only focuses on hunting the anomalies of the former administration.

My opinion is that those who voted to make EO1 unconstitutional DENIED the Filipino People to know the truth about the possible anomalies of the previous administration. Most of these Supreme Court Justices were appointees of Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo hence there was a probability that they would vote against EO1.

On the other side, EO1 was primarily created to seek out the truth of The Arroyo Government and nothing else. If its purpose is to look for the truth of all previous administrations, it could be a different story altogether.

You may goggle "Truth Commission Unconstitutional" and there would be articles from various online news about it.

Whatever happens, The Truth shall be out one way or another. XD

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