Sunday, December 26

The week that was (Dec 19 - 25)

Sunday: So far, so good. Still no calls for me as I could do some backlogs on my blogs as well as check another blogger's entry.I got to delete some junk emails in my inbox as its already reaching 5000 mails already. What keeps me awake now is this new monitoring we need to check for every two hours 0.0 I'm ok with it for the time being but I'll make my comments probably after a few weeks of this.I got a call at around 5:10am and took me a while to have it fixed since I haven't encountered the caller's issue for quite a while. But everything is now ok. Then I got another call that took me a while before finally calling it a day at 7:45am. I had my breakfast first at the nearest Jollijeep before heading home via taxicab. I got really sleepy after my shift since for the third time, I've been leaving the office at past 7:30am. This has got to change. XD. I got home at almost 9:00am and my wife was awake when I got home. We watched mass on TV before going to sleep at 10:00am. Got up at 3:00pm but I'm still sleepy. I had to get up because someone will be using our room for ironing our clothes. After attending the 6:15pm mass, I went upstairs and got asleep.

Monday: I was thinking if I'll be getting up at 1:30am or 2:30am since I don't feel much sleepy anymore.I simply went online at around 3:00am and spent some time there while waiting for WWE's TLC Match on pay-per-view. When I tried to watch TV, there was something wrong with the cable. It seems that there is something wrong with the cable company that made all cable channels out of reach. I patiently waited but to no avail. I went upstairs to read Sunday's paper and prepared myself since we will be meeting my mom by lunch at Harrison Plaza. After taking a bath and getting dressed, the cable came up again and I was able to watch TLC though I was able to watch only 2 matches. At 12:00pm, my wife and I went to Harrison Plaza hoping we could take a cab but we were unable to get one (since its Christmas Season already). Instead, we took the usual Bus-Jeep route going there and thank God, it wasn't traffic and we got there in less than an hour (much faster if we didn't wait for a cab for 30 minutes). Then my mom gave my wife some shopping money probably as a gift for us and she (my mom) went back to the office as she told us that she was swamped with work. Both of us decided to go to Robinson's Place Manila to have our lunch there and do some shopping.Then we went to BDO in SM Manila to deposit some money and have my wife's last name changed to mine. That took us a while since there were several process to complete. After we got home, I went upstairs and fall asleep. That was the 2nd time it happened.
Tuesday: I got up at around 3:00am (probably between 12:30am to 2:00am) since I slept early. I went downstairs and went online for a couple of hours before waking my wife up since we need to go to the hospital for her check-up plus some laboratory tests for her. Going there was quite ok since we didn't encounter any traffic at all. When we got to the hospital, the doctor wasn't there yet so we waited for a while. Her (the doctor's) secretary told us to go down first so my wife could take some tests needed. After an hour, the doctor hasn't arrived yet so we grabbed something to eat since we haven't had our lunch yet. After having our late lunch, we went back up and her doctor was already there. Good thing the doctor told her how remarkable her (my wife) pregnancy was. After her check-up, we went to Robinson's Galeria to spend some more time. My wife saw this sale from Celine and grabbed those sandals that she wanted. Though there were times that it was a little close to frustrating when it comes to looking for her shoes since my wife's feet is smaller (size 5) than any average woman has. Then we went to the new Starbucks at the Veranda to check if the place is cozy enough. And it is. We stayed there for a while as I got my 2011 Staubucks Planner after purchasing my last 2 drinks plus her usual Banoffee Pie. After coffee, we went to Watsons to buy some toiletries for her mom (my mom-in-law) before finally going home. At that point, I feel really sleepy again and once we got home, I lay down on our bed and fall asleep early for the third time. XD

Wednesday: Got up again at 3:15am (the 3rd time in a week) and went online downstairs until probably 9:00am. Then before watching Inception, I watched another tv show about "The Prince of Poker" on CI. It was an interesting real life story of a reporter-slash-amateur poker player and how he shocked the worked when he was qualified for the World Poker Tournament. He didn't win eventually but a lot of people admired him (me included) and the rest was history. Then I watched Inception on DVD. It was longer than expected but still it was a very great movie that made me think up to the very end. After that long movie, I prepared myself to get some sleep for atleast 5 hours and got up at around 6:45pm. I prepared early but my wife told me about the results of her CBC the previous day. I was a bit alarmed and bought the medicines needed right away. I left home early so I would be able to adjust commuting earlier for the next two weeks (due to holidays). I got a bit uncomfortable with my wear beneath probably since its brand new. I got in the office just in time after passing through CBTL again for another serving of their ice-blended drinks XD. So far so good.

Thursday: I got a call at around 1:30am and I was able to fix his problem in a jiffy. The rest of my shift was a little bit boring so I've just browsed to my heart's content for the meantime XD. Though we weren't that busy, I left the office at almost 8:00am since we had a debate on our schedule for January. I took the MTR-LRT2 route and passed by a carinderia before finally heading home. I was supposed to take a few minutes rest before taking a shower but I got asleep, probably because I got too tired doing nothing. XD. I got up at around 6:30pm and made sure I prepared myself early to anticipate possible traffic. I left home at 8:15pm and got in the office after an hour that gave me enough time to play Mafia Wars XD. Before 12am, I went out and went to CBTL (The Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf) at Greenbelt 3 to buy something and get some double stamps for my planner. I was surprised that one of the supervisor said that the double promo stamp is not yet available while it was posted in facebook that the promo starts at 12:00am. He said "Technically, its not yet the 24th since the store was opened since this morning (23rd). The promo will start during the opening of the the store on the 24th." I didn't argue since the line was quite long. Instead of getting three frozen swirls, I just got one. Good thing I saw Sheree (Former Viva Hot Babe) there to cool me down. She doesn't look as young as she was before. 

Friday: I got back to the office at around 12:30am and people from the US told us that they will be transferring the phone to us since they will be celebrating the holidays there. Good thing I was able to do some personal stuff and I got a single call at around 4:00am. It was an unusual call since the caller cannot provide me with the credentials that we need to assist him further. We left the office early and I took the MRT-LRT2 route. I passed by CBTL at Gateway to get some frozen swirl but to my surprise, they don't serve it. The barista told me that they don't serve it yet there but they have plans soon. I just ordered a pure vanilla ice-blended and a slice of guiltless chocolate cake before going home. My wife was awake when I got home and I went to bed at 10:00am. I got up at 5:30pm and made sure I'd be able to prepare early so I won't encounter any hassle going to the office. Travelling to the office wasn't much of a hassle 

Saturday: Well its Christmas alright. I'm all alone here in the office. So far, so good. Good thing I didn't a bit emotional on being alone here in the office instead of spending the holidays with my loved ones.I got an email from our Helpdesk Manager and I was able to respond to it despite my PC having a mind on its own. After my shift, I went to CBTL in Salcedo to relax and made sure to have my coupon stamped. Going there didn't pose much problem to me since I have a map on where it is actually located. Well the place was cozy enough that I could get some sleep there if I wanted to. I was able to help myself with two frozen swirls which translates to four stamps on my planner coupon. After almost an hour, I went home looking for a cab but I wasn't able to get one and instead, took the jeep and the LRT. I got home within an hour and my wife was still sleeping. I wake my wife up so we could have breakfast together. I was able to doze off at around 10:00am and got up at 5:30pm. Still feeling sleepy, I had to get myself ready for my shift. I left home at around 8:00pm and commute via LRT2-MRT. I was looking for the latest issue of UNO but I wasn't able to find one. I continued until I got to CBTL in Greenbelt 3 to get another ice-blended frap for me XD. I got in the office early which allowed me to relax for a while.And I thought I would relax he entire shift until I got my first call at 10:20pm. It was for a Site Outage in the AMER region which kept me busy for the next 2 hours.

I think this would probably be my longest personal entry I made here so far. XD

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