Sunday, December 26

Where to go for Basic Photography Lessons?

I have to start 2011 right and smarter. Though I've been taking pictures for a little more than 2 years, taking a basic photography course will definitely enhance and sharpen your skills more in taking excellent pictures as it also provides you the solid foundation on how a good picture is composed. This would also take your skill up a notch with someone guiding you and proving you feedback on how to improve more. But the question here is where should I take my basic photography class to? Though some people I've met online and in real life were mostly self-taught, they still recommend taking a basic photography class to further enhance your skill and at the same time build future connections and contacts.

After browsing several topics in Pipho and DPP on where to take basic photography classes, I trimmed down my options to three. I could go with either FPPF, John Mateos Ong's The Purpose Driven Photographer, or under Jo Avila. I was able to check what they offer, from the basics to their secrets on getting better pictures.

Though I know taking either one of these three would still give me full benefits, my criteria would still be with whom I am most comfortable with as well as who would teach me more tricks. Well probably having more subjects to shoot during the course would be an advantage, but the bottomline is I need to learn something from this experience that I haven't learned before plus meeting fellow photographers that have the passion for taking pictures and looking forward to shoot more and learn more from one another.

I'll keep you updated where will I be taking my basic photography course. XD

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