Sunday, December 19

The week that was (Dec 12 - 18)

Sunday: My eyes were very sleepy and I took some quick naps without me knowing it. I got another call with the same problem though it took me a while before resolving it. What keeps me awake at night is doing some blog reading of famous bloggers. Well working on a Saturday night isn't that bad sometimes. Just make sure you don't have any plans on going out on a Saturday night or you could still go to your Saturday afternoon gimmicks, just make sure you report to the office at night XD.

Monday: Got up a bit early since I need to go online for a few minutes before doing my laundry. After that, I went to the office not to work but to claim my 1000-peso prize. I took a different route to get to the office. I even passed by Heaven and Eggs at Glorietta to have a buffet breakfast but I assumed that their set-up wasn't ready yet so I went straight ahead to the office. But the person I was supposed to talk to won't be available until 9:00am. I just chilled and went online from the office. Good thing the person I wanted to meet got there early so I was able to receive my 1000-peso cash prize and went back to Heaven and Eggs for breakfast. The ambiance there was quite OK (though I was hoping to eat there seeing the old set-up) but the food choices were quite limited. I just had to make sure to get as much coffee and omelet as I can before going back home. I bought some stuff along the way before finally getting home at around 1:30pm. Then I just spend the rest of the day at home reading the magazines that I've bought as well as going online for a few hours in the afternoon before hitting the bed at 10:30pm.

Tuesday: I got up at around 4:00am and went online to make myself feel sleepy. I signed-off at 10:00am since my wife will be using the laptop in the afternoon. Slept at around 2:00pm and I was able to get up at 7:00pm. Good thing I got to the office at 10:03pm and began my work.

Wednesday: Work was quite steady as I was able to do some stuff online before going home. I made sure to get home early since I will be accompanying my wife to her Christmas Party that night. I think I was able to get a good sleep for 6 hours before preparing ourselves for that night. We took a cab going to Shakey's at Tomas Morato. We were the first ones to be there. I forgot to get some money for our expenses so I looked for an ATM machine to get some.When I got back, I felt hungry but the food from Shakey's wasn't served yet. So I wen't out again to check out Johnny Rocket's Burger just across the street. The ambiance was good but the food isn't as well as the price. For 355 pesos, I could have got 3 Champs from Jollibee instead of the #12 that I ordered which according to the menu was the spiciest burger. Good thing, I got enough room for a few more bites at Shakey's before taking some pictures of the party itself. I was surprised that my camera's battery emptied out on me in less than an hour, but fortunately, I was able to take a few decent shots by then. I didn't notice the time that it was almost midnight. My officemate called me asking if I will still report to the office which I confirmed that I'll be coming. My wife and I took a cab and head home first for me to change bags and make sure my wife is safe and sound.

Thursday: After taking my wife home from the Christmas Party, I changed my bags and went straight to the office. I took a cab so I would be able to get there in the shortest time possible. I passed by CBTL again to get my frap before logging-in at 1:00am. I was surprised that we got a lot of calls including me while I'm even setting-up my tools but we were able to manage on our own here. After shift, I took the MRT-LRT2 route to have a different view of the scenery. I even passed by some food stalls at LRT Legarda Station to have my breakfast there. I got home at around 9:30am and probably slept by 10:00am. I got up at exactly 6:30pm and went outside to check if we already have our salary. I was quite surprised to check that my paycheck was quite small compared to what I get for the past few months since I started working at night. Anyway, I head for work via LRT2-MRT route and passed by CBTL again but there were more people when I got to CBTL that why I got late again for more than 30 minutes. XD

Friday: Work was quite ok during the shift. By 3:00am, we went out to have lunch at Army and Navy at Solaris Bldg and enjoyed my Burger and Burrito lunch. I left the office at around 9:30am after finishing a long windows update from a user at the west coast. But instead of going home, I went to Robinson's Galeria to settle our internet bills. Probably I got there at past 10:00am and settled the bill. Then I took a quick snack at the food court to keep me awake. I got home probably at 12:30pm. By that time, my body got really heavy as I able to fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. That sleep was probably deep I didn't even notice my wife changing her clothes in our room (I usually feel something if someone opens the door or someone is near me). At 8:45pm, I left home for office. I took a cab to avoid getting late for the 3rd time this week. Good thing the driver knew a better route and I was even able to stop by at CBTL to get my frap XD. I got in the office just in time for my shift. so far, so good XD.And even my colleague gave me a burger from Brother's Burger as my snack.Probably a Christmas gift for me from him. XD.

Saturday: Got two calls while our US counterparts are on lunch. Actually, it became three since the other was an outage. Good thing I was able to do some blog-hopping before my shift ends. I was craving for Manang's fried chicken for breakfast but unfortunately, they're closed probably for the Christmas season as most students from Intramuros were on break as well. I got home at past 9:00am after having my breakfast at an eatery nearby plus I bought pandesal for my wife and in-laws as well. When I got home, I was surprised that my wife was already awake. not only that, our wedding portrait and papal certificate were already hanged on our living room to my delight. I thought it would be collecting more dust in the storage room. After having another round of breakfast at home, I was supposed to go to sleep early until my wife wanted to watch tv. The show was entertaining that my wife fell asleep (she got up at 4:30am). At 11:30am, I went to bed for my sleep. I got up at 7:30pm to get ready for my shift. Instead of taking a cab for the third time, I gambled and took the usual route via bus and got here 2 minutes before my shift starts. So far so good. XD

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