Sunday, December 19

One week before Christmas

Its only seven (or six) more days before Christmas. Most people would probably be finished with their Christmas shopping. Some are still doing theirs while others haven't. I won't be doing any Christmas shopping this year for the 2nd straight year. Why? Because I DON'T have a 13th month pay as well as bonuses unlike most of my friends that are working with their respective companies.

This is one downside of working as an independent contractor (or working as an IT consultant). My paycheck every end of the month can meet the basic standards of a married man with at least a kid (mine will come within the next few months) but it would only be enough for all of our needs. Other that that, I had to get a sideline probably to sustain some of the luxuries I wanted in life.

But hey, I'm not complaining here since I'm starting to enjoy the simple thing in life it has to offer. Perhaps I'd go on overtime every now and then to get some extra. Or work on holidays to get that extra holiday pay for me to get a CPL and ND8 filter soon. XD

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