Saturday, December 18

What Websites Do I Visit?

Almost everyday I go online looking for information, catching up with friends, and most importantly, get myself amused. But what websites do I visit often these past few days (or weeks/months)? How many website do I visit? Here's the list 25 websites I usually visit and why I visit them. XD.

1. Facebook: I've been addicted to it since late 2008. At first, I thought its just like friendster with games. But its way totally different from its competition. Though I've been registered since late 2007, it the game Mob Wars that got me hooked into this game. Then, after Mob Wars came Mafia Wars as well as hundreds of other games that I'm still hooked-up to until now. I consider this as my 2nd life. XD

2. Manila Tonight: A member since 2006 but I got more active in 2007. This website caters to various types of people especially those in need of carnal satisfaction (if you know what I mean). But its not all sex here. The topics posted here are very interesting and it has a lot of groups you can join that suits your interest.I usually visit my own thread as well as threads for photography, food, gadgets and my fellow group mates with same interests.


3. FHM Phils: This is the first forum I've been very active with. As far as I know, I signed up here last 2003 but became more active three years later. I've gained so many friends here online and IRL (in real life).This is where I get the latest updates on who is the next covergirl or when will be the next autograph signing.

4. Yahoo Mail: I had this email since 2001. I used to have my email address as but I registered for a new one after I passed the board exam.It used to have a mailbox limit of 4MB but it changed to unlimited mailbox storage which means I only have to keep 1 Yahoo Mail account instead of 4. And I created sub-folders in my email so I know where to read where.

5. Digital Photography School: Since I've started photography as a hobby in 2008, I began looking for good websites to enhance my skills. This is one good website to visit. 

6. HP Learning Center: I've been a registered online student since 2003 and up to now, I get information from this site.

7. Jobstreet Philippines: My first jobsite I registered to.Though I must say its won't guarantee you a job 100%, you could still look for job opportunities here as well as job hunting and career tips.

8. Jobsdb Philippines: This would be the second jobsite I registered after jobstreet. Though I haven't landed a job using this search portal, 

9. Weddings at Work: This is where bride-to-be (and groom-to-be) visit. It contains a lot of useful information as well as promos like free or discounted service from top wedding suppliers here in the Philippines. Their forum is also filled with lots of customer feedbacks from their wedding suppliers both good and bad. And one of the best thing is about this forum is that they really help each other out as well as comfort you if you feel upset on something. 

10. My Wedding: This website is intended for soon-to-be couples. Almost similar to multiply, it allows you to post pictures, blogs and music. What makes it different is most topics here are wedding related and most of the time, women are the ones who maintain and update this site.

11. Multiply: This is where I keep my collection of pictures as well as my old blogs. Its like having an online album with me anywhere I go. Though some of my friends' accounts were hacked, thank God mine is still intact.

12. WWE: Being a fan since the late 80's, I really love watching those special moves from my list of favorite wrestlers from Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin to John Cena.

13. Cisco Learning Network: Another new website for me. Right now, I visit this more often to keep me updated with the latest in Cisco as well as to refresh my memory since the last time I was really focused on Cisco was in December of 2008.

15. I totally forgot when was the first time I signed-up for this. So far, this site responds the fastest when it comes to my job applications and interviews were scheduled as soon as the next day.

Well that's all for now. I have to visit some more to see if I could learn a thing or two. Stay tuned for Part 2. XD

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