Wednesday, December 1

Unbecoming of a Priest

This morning, I was reading the Philippine Star and I was able to read the story on the winner of the 6/55 grand lotto. Though I didn't won (XD), I was happy for the winner since I know this would be the answer to his prayers.

But as I read the news, Retired Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz took pity on the lone winner of the jackpot instead of praying for his safety and guidance on how to take care of the bettor's winnings. He even said that the winner will have a miserable life in a sense that there will be confusion with whom he will share his prize money.

I felt sorry for this priest because he wasn't able to help the winner in a way that he could have guide him on how to take care of the money as well as praying for his family's safety as well.

I won't be surprised why some people are against some of the church's principles and lack there of.

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