Wednesday, December 1

Two Fraps a day = Your own condo

I don't think so =P

Unless you really on planning to live in a condo for the next 15-20 years, I won't be arguing anymore XD.

Assuming that you would religiously set aside a budget for two fraps in a day for 365 days, which translates to 135-165 pesos each (that would be 270-330 pesos total). In a year, you have already spend 98550-120450 pesos in a year. Then, multiply it by 20 years. That would be around 1,971,000-2,409,000 total.

Probably, I am wrong but still, prices still increase year after year so You probably need 1,500,000 pesos more to get your own condo unit (a 2 or 3-bedroom unit) XD.

Or if you would be practical and wise enough, why not invest in a house and lot in a nearby province or a townhouse is much better than having a condo unit. 
Don't you think?

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