Thursday, December 2

December Delight

As I was starting my shift tonight, I saw three lovely magazine covers for the month of December.

1. FHM December 2010: Ellen Adarna. Finally, she yielded to a lot of requests (me included) to be on the cover for this month's FHM.I've seen here before in another Men's Magazine as well as met her personally as well. But that was more than 2 years ago. XD

December Covergirl Ellen Adarna

2. Rogue December 2010 - January 2011: Amanda Griffin. Well, I've seen her personally and had some of her magazines. This would be her second time to grace the covers of Rogue. I must say that she is really pretty and stunning. Too bad she got married alrady =P XD.

December-January Covergirl Amanda Griffin

I wonder what UNO and Playboy is cooking. XD

Update (12-16-2010)

3. UNO December 2010 - January 2011: Iza Calzado. I haven't meet her yet in person so I don have much to say about her in person =P. On TV, Ive watched some few episodes of GMA 7's Beauty Queen and she got really sexy from there. Well UNO Beat Rogue and FHM again on getting a new covergirl =P XD

December-January Covergirl Iza Calzado

Does Playboy Philippines still publish? XD

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