Tuesday, December 21

Some Christmas Shopping

As what I have wrote previously, my wife and I were able to do some Christmas shopping yesterday. After my mom handed my wife some extra money, my wife smiled at me thinking it was time to do some Christmas shopping for the both of us. Looking back, even if I won't be able to give myself something this Christmas, as long my wife is happy, I'm happy.

After boarding the jeep back, we decided to visit Robinson's Place in Manila to have our lunch there and at the same time, do some little shopping. My wife was looking for some maternity clothes while I was just accompanying her, and get contented with windows shopping XD.

While she was looking for her clothes, I stumbled upon an underwear sale by Jockey. Its a buy 3 take 1 offer so I had to check it out first. I was surprised how much my favorite boxers cost. I was just less than 200 pesos so I had to grab that sale since my undies are getting old and torn already. She wasn't surprised of my decision to get those since she bugged me before to get a new set of boxers to replace the old ones. XD

When we got hungry, we went to UCC to have our lunch there. One reason why I wanted to go there is because of the planner I saw from the Philippine Daily Inquirer last Sunday (Still thinking if I have to log about it). After our long lunch, we (or should I say my wife XD ) continued our shopping of gifts for her friends and for her Doctor as well.

I have to thank my mom for making my wife happy and able to buy the things she needs for the season. ^_^

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