Tuesday, December 14

Hubert Webb: Now a free man

I was watching the news on QTV before going to bed this afternoon. I got surprised with the Supreme Court's decision on the Vizconde Massacre. The supreme court voted 7-4-4 for the acquittal of prime suspect Hubert Webb together with six others.

This case has gripped the country for almost 20 years and only now they (SC) had the final say on the case. 20 years is a very long time for me which reflects how poor and slow the justice system here in the Philippines. If it took only less than that, other necessary/appropriate actions should have been taken right away and moved on to the next case.

Based on what I've watched on TV earlier, the seven SC Justices who voted for acquittal cited numerous loopholes in the testimony of witness Jessica Alfaro who claimed to have been with the suspects on the night of the crime scene. One major loophole here was the loss of the DNA evidence that was supposed to be the key factor in determining whether or not Hubert Webb was the actual suspect.

On the other side, Lauro Vizconde was really disgusted on the outcome of the voting. For almost 20 years, he has been in the forefront in search of justice for his murdered family only to find out that his crusade was put in vain buy their (SC) decision. If I would be in his shoes, I would have took justice into my own hands, but he choose not to since he believed in the justice system. But right now, he (Vizconde) lost faith in our justice system as well as those from VACC.

You can check the SC's decision here.

If you'd ask me, let time takes its course and capture the actual suspects. 

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