Wednesday, December 15

The week that was (Dec 5 - 11)

Sunday:  I got two calls (an outage and a user question) and I was able to answer both of them. Though I wasn't able to get some sleep in the office, I kept myself entertained by watching some videos and with my mafia wars. Then after my shift, I had my breakfast at the nearest Jollijeep open since I'm really hungry that time. I was able to save some money from the usual fastfood. Then I got my Sunday Paper before taking a cab home. It took me 30 minutes to get back home.I relaxed for a while before going to bed. I got up at around 3:30 pm and I went outside to check my personal stuff on the internet. Then, we attend the 7:00pm mass at Loretto before going back home. I was able to stay awake a little bit longer before hitting the bed at 9:30pm.

Monday: Got up at 4:00am after going to bed at 9:30pm the previous night. Then I did some laundry for an hour as my wife woke up early to have breakfast. The doctor told her to eat more and eat as if two persons were eating (she and our baby =) ). Then she went up again to get more sleep as I continued surfing online plus reading Sunday's paper. I woke her up at 11:00am before preparing ourselves to go out on a date after a long while (a separate blog will be created for this). We really got tired that day and both of us went to bed to get some sleep.

Tuesday: Got up at around 4:00am and went online for my mafia wars. I went online until 9:00am to make sure I would feel sleepy in the afternoon.I was able to dozed-off from 2:00pm to 7:00pm. I made sure to get myself ready for work. Good thing I got in the office early. 

Wednesday: Work was quite OK as I got a call about a printer connection. There was a disturbing noise from the other office that made us irritated. It kept on buzzing and buzzing since 3:30am. As we event left the office, the buzzing sound kept on going. Good thing I got home early and I was able to relax for a bit before going to sleep.

Thursday: Work was quite light though I had a few calls to take. I left the office at around 7:30am to go to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. I did some grocery for my wife and got some food. I got home at 9:00am and unwind for a while before sleeping at 10:30am. I got up at 6:30pm which I felt good since the last time I had an 8-hour sleep. I didn't waste time so I prepared my things for work as well as for Friday's activity. I left early and took the LRT2-MRT route. I was surprised that both trains were not that filled with people even if most were going home from work. I passed by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Greenbelt 3 to try their drinks for me to collect stamps for their 2011 planner. I hope I would be able to complete the stamps before their promo ends (January 31, 2011). Good thing it didn't come late in the office.

Friday: Work was a bit light and I was able to do some stuff while working at the same time. After my shift, I went home right away but got stuck in traffic at Pureza before reaching home at almost 9:00am. I did relaxed for a while before getting myself to sleep. I got up at 3:30pm to get myself ready for two events tonight. I left our home at 4:30 only to got stuck in traffic. It took me a while before getting my ride. After the two events, I went back to the office at around 1:00am to complete my shift.

Saturday: I got 3 calls but the one that irritated me a bit was my last call. It took me a while to understand the caller plus it was 6:57am when the phone rang for the 3rd time. I was thinking then if I will attend a toy exhibit nearby or just go home. Since I got stuck in a long call, I took a cab home and got there in less than 30 mins. I had breakfast again before hitting the bed at 9:00am. However, my sleep gets interrupted every two hours so I got up at 4:30 pm and keep myself awake instead. Then I left home at around 8:30pm only to get late by 3 minutes because of the long wait at the MRT in Cubao. I passed by CBTL to get some drinks there to continue my stamp collection for their 2011 planner. I got a single call at 10:45pm which I was able to answer. I hope that would be the only call I have for my shift as my eyes were starting to get droopy on me. XD

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