Saturday, November 20

My Manila Auto Salon 2010 Expirience

One of two car shots

Two of two car shots

Earlier this afternoon, I went to SMX in Pasay City to attend The Manila Auto Salon 2010. This event is usually held between the 3rd and 4th week of November from Thursday to Sunday. As most people from all walks of life come here to check out on cars and trucks, most photographers (like me) hang out with fellow photographers and check out for any new car show models there aside from checking the cars as well XD.

I got there at around 4:00pm after having only 3 hours of sleep no thanks to the excitement that build-up on me XD. I was keen on going there the next day instead as I need to get more sleep but since I promised my wife to stay home on Sundays, I still push through with going there despite lack of sleep.

I scouted the area again and it was almost the same for cars and probably for car show models except for a few whom I saw for the first time earlier and some of those who have returned to the modeling circuit. I saw some of my friends who went there ahead of me and they were able to check the entire area already. Probably they're on their second round of taking pictures of the models while I'm just starting XD.

Anyway, I did my usual round of familiarizing with the area along with shooting left and right (of models) before going shooting full time for about 3-4 hours. After shooting carshow models, I focused more on cars but I haven't shot much of them in the past few carshows.

I was satisfied with the event and I'm looking forward to do it better next year ^_^.

Here are the rest of the pictures for you guys to enjoy. ^_^

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  1. Done uploading the pictures. Sorry for the long wait and apologies for the poor post-processing here. ^_^


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