Friday, November 19

Pinoy Na Pinoy : ANG PINAKA Sure Sign That You're Pinoy

A few Sundays ago, I was able to watch an episode of "Ang Pinaka" listed down the top ten icons, items, traits and quirky customs that are dead giveaway signs of being Pinoy.

Guest panelistas include Inquirer Libre, Showbuzz editor, Rommel Lalata, 90.7 Love Radio DJ, Chris Tsuper, and Sociologist, Bro. Clifford Sorita.

Hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, "Ang Pinaka" airs every Sunday @ 6:00 PM, on QTV Channel 11.


10. If you love PANDESAL
--> I make sure to eat pandesal at least 2 to 3 times a week. Its even better than fried rice. XD

09. If you love KANIN EVERY MEAL
--> Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As long as it is paired with the best ulam, you won't go wrong with this. XD

08. If you love SOUVENIR ITEMS
--> I collect brochures as souvenirs which most of the time, collects dust. XD

07. If you love VIDEOKE/ MAGIC SING
--> My wife loves videoke so much. I don't. XD

06. If you have WALIS TINGTING/ WALIS TAMBO in your home
--> Everyone has at least two. XD

05. If you love to display DIPLOMAS/ GRADUATION PHOTOS on the wall
--> Unfortunately, my diploma/graduation photos were not displayed on the wall. XD

04. If you love RETAIL/ TINGI-TINGI
--> I'm more of a wholesale person than a retail guy but I buy per piece sometimes. XD

03. If you own a TABO/ DIPPER
--> Its a must in every home even if the presence of bathroom shower is evident. XD

02. If you have the LAST SUPPER PAINTING in the dining room wall
--> We have one in our home in San Pedro but unfortunately, we don't have another copy in Sampaloc.

01. If you have STO.NIÑO statue at home
--> Everyone has. I think.

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