Tuesday, November 2

A disappointing event at LAX

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to LAX to attend the Victory Party of  Vixens sponsored by Premiere Condoms and FHM. I was hesitant to attend this event since I had work on Saturdays and I filed a leave again for that.

After my Friday shift, I went home right away to get some much needed sleep. I got up at 2:00pm to attend some errands first before finally getting there. I took the usual route as I am going to the office. But I took the orange cab going to SM Mall of Asia. I got myself the latest issue of DPP before going to LAX. I got there at around 7:00pm but my friends were not there yet so I just strolled around the bay before I got hungry.

I was able to meet them at around 8:00pm and we joined the rest of the people who went there. We joined the people who were on queue. Unfortunately, our DSLR cameras are not allowed inside the venue so we had no choice but to leave it and put them in our friend's car. We were so upset that we won't be able to take pictures with it. What's more is that my friend's contact person is not yet there (the one in-charge in the guest list under his name). We had to wait for a few more minutes but most of us were decided just to hang-out at Hooters which is just near LAX. Actually, we were bent that all of us are getting to Hooters instead because of the frustration built up on us until my friends contact came. 

We were able to go inside minus our cameras and tried our best to enjoy the show. Well, the show was good but I was shocked with the results. Instead of only one winner, there were three. It was a decision from the management themselves calling a triple tie. What happened to the online votes then? No offense to the winners (who are by the way as lovely and alluring as the rest), but its best to only have ONE winner instead of three. And I can't still help it but feel frustrated about what happened. Anyway, I learned some lessons in attending the event. Not to file my vacation leave for this. 

Don't ask for pictures since were not allowed to bring our cameras inside =P

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