Monday, November 1

My November to-do list

For November, there would be some changes in my to-do list. I will sacrifice some of my paycheck here so that my list would be complete. For this month, here is what I have to accomplish.

1. Deposit 10,000php at our joint account. This should be 20,000 but I have to cut it in half.
2. Renew my passport.
3. Settle my SSS contribution for the fourth quarter.
4. Settle my Philhealth contribution for the forth quarter (if I can settle for 1 year, the better).
5. Get another set of AA batteries for my flash (4 pcs).
6. Complete my men's magazine for November and get the rest of October as well
7. Update my photo information file more often.
8. Buy a new headphone for my work PC.
9. Accompany my wife with her follow-up check-up at The Medical City.
10. Attend the Canon Photo Marathon, Manila Leg on Nov 6.
11. Attend the Manila Auto Salon on Nov. 20.
12. Attend the Level-Up Live on Nov 7.

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