Sunday, October 3

The week that was (Sept 26 - October 2)

 Taken from Saturday's Collecticon

Sunday: I was hounded with follow-up calls but I was able to handle my own since I got some help from our US counterparts. By 4:00am, my body felt so tired, I just slept on the floor for at least two hours. I took a cab home so I could get some sleep. Probably, I've slept for at least 4 hours straight. Then I took a quick bath and went straight to Filtrep's office in Greenhills to attend a studio shoot by HGT. I had to go home early since my wife want's to attend the 7:00pm mass. I took a cab so I could get home quickly and we attended the 7:00pm mass. My wife slept early but I was still up until 3:00am. 

Monday: I got up at around 11:30am and I went out right away to grab something to bite.I can't recall what I did the whole day but I stayed home and rested. Then I went online at around 11:00pm since my wife was asleep before getting to bed at around 2:00am. 

Tuesday: I got up a bit earlier than the previous day since I have to report for work that night. I was able to sleep from 2:00pm to 7:30pm before getting ready for work. 

Wednesday: I got this weird call but I wasn't able to fix it completely. After my shift, I got home at around 9:00am feeling very-very sleepy. I was able to get some sleep in two batches though. I got up the second time at around 6:00pm and I decided to leave early and go to SM Manila to buy some stuff for the office.I also had my dinner at Lydia's Lechon where I remember being unable to enjoy Lechon during my sister's wedding. I got in the office on time.

Thursday: Work was quite ok still. I just made sure I will be learning a lot of things before I move forward. Good thing I was able to sleep for at least 6 hours straight without much interruptions.I got up at 3:00pm though. I went to SM Manila to put my money in our savings as well as pay our electric bill. Then I went to the supermarket to look for my wife's milk. I bought 3 flavors so she could choose which one would she like best. Then, I grab a bite at Burger King to go and ate it while on-board a bus. Then, I fixed some of my things before going to the office. 

Friday: Currently doing some special audits (EOL) for PCs my body felt heavy and I wanted to get some sleep. After my shift, I took a cab going to Intramuros but the taxi driver doesn't seem to know how to get there in the least amount of time. If I'm not that sleepy, I could have given him the directions on how to get there. Then when I got to Intramuros, I was disappointed because my favorite fried chicken meal was not yet available. I went home spending more than 140 pesos just for my fare (sheesh!). I was able to sleep soundly because the weather was cool enough and I was able to sleep for 7 hours uninterrupted. I got up at around 4:00pm to have my late lunch as well.

Last Saturday's Collecticon 2010

Saturday: Work was quite Ok with some calls came in even at around 5:00am. I got myself a litter of chocolate milk to keep me awake. After my shift, I went home right away to get some rest. Good thing the taxi driver I rode with wasn't as boring as the other one the previous day. But I wasn't able to get my sleep straight. The effect of the chocolate milk hit me, making me fart several times to a point that I had to go to the toilet to dump XD. I got up at 1:30pm to get myself ready to attend Collecticon 2010 at Robinson's Place Manila. The trip there wasn't that long as I got back home at around 5:45pm. Then I took a two-hour nap to make sure I won't get sleepy at my shift later. I hope work won't be that heavy. XD.

For the first time in a long while, I haven't got late for 5 straight nights. XD

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