Monday, August 30

The week that was (August 22-28)

That week was really jam-packed with a lot of activities and happenings. XD

Sunday:  Got up at around 7:30am to go online and check my fb games. Then I did some laundry even if my body is still aching with pain due to the physical activities I've been through during our team building.After going to mass with my wife, I went to WTC to attend CAMPI which is on its final day (another blog will be created for this). I was able to maximize the time I spent there together with some of my friends who loves taking pictures of the models there. XD. I went home at past 7am since my wife was a little bit worried about the heavy rains in Sampaloc. I went home even if I know the dangers of having my camera gears get wet.

Monday: I got up at 7:30am and hurriedly prepared for work. But I went to Intramuros again to have my breakfast there. I don mind spending 66 pesos for a big piece of fried chicken and 3 cups of rice which makes me full for the day. I got to the office at around 10:02am. We were able to meet another team mate who will increase our headcount here to 9. Work was quite slow since we were 7 in the room in the afternoon. There were free food in the pantry courtesy of our IT Director. I was able to get myself full which allowed me to save enough money for my lunch that day. I left the office right away but I got home at almost 8:30pm.

Tuesday: I wasn't able to get up early for the nth time as I got up at around 7:30am.I prepared myself for work and as usual, its quite slow.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:30am when I was supposed to get up at 5:30am for photo-editing purposes. Traffic was quite ok. When I got to the office, I saw a piece of paper that looks like our schedule for September. I was shocked that my days-off would be Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat (as agreed upon with our OIC). Most of my photoshoots would be on a Saturday and It won't help if I would go to a photoshoot after work or with little/no sleep. Good thing, I have my plan b as an option. And I'll make sure that I would be able to attend my sister's wedding on the 25th of September. As for the other photoshoots on some Saturdays of September, I have to think about it if I'll join or not.While I'm on lunch, I passed by Glorietta 3 to check out the bags that my wife wanted to buy from Bayo. I was also impressed with the bags and the material used was good. Though its expensive (at 745php), I'd say the proceeds will go to a good cause.I was thinking of surprising my wife with that bag, she already had plans of buying it but unfortunately, she wasn't able to stop by at Gateway.

Thursday: I got up at around 6:00am and I was able to upload some pictures on my flickr account (I'll share my flickr account in due time). I wasn't able to edit some pictures though. Traffic was quite OK since I'm getting used to travel to and from the office for at least an hour an a half. Work was quite slow and steady. By lunchtime, I passed by Landmark's Supermarket to let time pass by. I was quite surprised that some of their products there are sold at an affordable price. I was thinking of doing some grocery there one of these days. Then I had my lunch at Sisig Hooray (take-out). 

Friday: I got up early again to edit some pictures. I was able to edit at least 13 pictures in an hour before uploading them. I left home early since breakfast wasn't enough (mostly pandesal's). I went to Intramuros for the nth time to have my fried chicken. As I am enjoying my food, it rained all of a sudden leaving me no choice but to move forward after my meal. I didn't get wet, but my feet did since my sneakers has a big hole in its sole (both shoe). I got late by 10 minutes but I didn't mind since its Friday. My wife sent me a message thru ym telling me that her sister failed the Nursing Board Exam for the 2nd Straight Time.

Saturday: Got up early to go online and try to edit some pictures. Then, I did my laundry (socks) before getting myself (and my sister-in-law) ready to go to Katipunan to pick-up my wife from her Saturday work. Then we took a quick stop at Mushroom Burger since we were hungry. Sad to say, they were disappointed with the food as well as with their service (we witnessed one customer asking for a refund). We took a cab to Medical City. Once there my wife undergone a series of tests to determine the results. It took us more than 4 hours before we were able to go home. But traffic was also evident on our way home. I let them get home first before buying my wife's medicine from my paycheck. Then I went to Yellow Cab in CM Recto to have a mini celebration though my wife didn't ate a single slice of pizza.


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