Sunday, August 29

The long hours at The Medical City

After several canceled plans of having my wife checked-up with an OB, we were able to have her scheduled yesterday at The Medical City. In search of a good hospital, My mom gave me 2 options. First is at The Medical City wherein the Doctor there was a classmate of my uncle. The second was Capitol Medical Center where my cousin has her OB there. We have to choose between the two. We have to consider my wife's schedule since she also works on a Saturday, thus we chose the former.

I initially thought that we will be going to The Medical City once my wife wakes up but she had to report to the office for her Saturday Shift. By 12 noon, we went to her office in Katipunan to pick her up. then we passed by Mushroom burger for a quick bite. But my wife and her sister were not satisfied with their burgers as we were on-board a taxi on our way to The Medical City.

As we got there, it was like we went inside a hotel. but it took us a while before we were able to get to the clinic of my wife's Ob-Gyn. I made sure to have my wife listed and she was 7th on the list. We waited patiently for her turn as we read some magazines the clinic has and probably we were able to read all of them. When it was my wife's turn to be checked-up, I was quite surprised to see the how the doctor looks like. She was a classmate of my uncle way back in college. She asked the both of us some questions regarding our reproductive health. Then she undergo pap smear and ultrasound which this would be the first time my wife will encounter. After her pap smear, we waited for all of her patients to finish before the doctor accompany her to the Women's Development Center for her ultrasound. Me and her sister waited patiently for the results. After a few more minutes, the doctor called me to tell the Bad and the Good news.

The bad news was there is a cyst in my wife's left ovary. Though the cyst was benign, it had to be removed after 4 months. Why after 4 months, because they don't want to risk the baby on being aborted. I didn't know what to say. I am so happy and at the same time I feel very very worried about my wife's condition for the months to come. Sometimes it makes me think what will happen next to my wife and to both of us. After the news, we settled our hospital bills and went straight home.

Moving forward, I had to take better care of my wife and my unborn child since this would be our first and my wife's first pregnancy.

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