Monday, August 23

C A M P I (4th Day)

Taken at 50mm. XD

The babes start here. XD

Yesterday, I went back to WTC to take more pictures of the cars as well as the models. But the catch was I have to take their pictures using 50mm only. This was indeed a challenge for me. Actually, I tried it last Thursday as I sneaked out of the office and took some quick snaps for reference. Then I checked it to make sure to correct any settings that I made prior to the event. I went there all by myself again since some of my friends were not that much interested in car shows lately.

I was able to meet a few friends here who are also fond of taking pictures of the models more than the cars itself XD. I spent the next couple of hours taking pictures of models (mostly XD) using my 50mm lens. It was a challenge for me since aside from this would be the first time I'll use a 50mm for carshow events, I'm not yet used to do foot-zoom (zooming with your feet instead of your lens XD).

The event was a huge success and I'm looking forward to next year's carshow.

Here are some more pictures of the event. Please do enjoy. XD

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