Monday, August 23

Team Building at Phillip's Sanctuary

I got up early so that I won't miss the 6:30am bus. I was anticipating this event since this would be my first team building activity in a long while and my first without any drinking session. I took a cab going to Makati and I got there in less than 30 minutes. I went to the 6th floor to check some of my accounts before going down to start taking some snaps at the back of the building.

As we travel towards, Antipolo, we were able to pass several views that were really captivating. There were some parts of the trip that we saw several memorial parks (around 4-5 I think) but the overlooking view of the mountains really captivated me in a way that I wanted to get our of the bus and take some quick snaps. It took us more than an hour (an hour and a half) before reaching the place. It was really a long trip, hence I anticipated a tiring trip back home after our team building.

I though we were already there at Phillip's Sanctuary. But we had to take a 15-20 minute hike down before we reach the actual place. The place was really nice and quiet, perfect for team building activities as well as practicing photography. We made ourselves comfortable and had to rest for a couple of minutes before we begin with our team building activities. This would be my first time in a long while that I will be involved in a lot of physical activities. And I had my handful of it. I really enjoyed getting physically tired and I was able to take some snaps at the same time.

After that whole day activity, we had to take another 15-20 minutes hike back up towards the bus. I couldn't imagine how tired I am for the first time in years. XD

About their food, it was quite OK though I was hoping that our food will be buffet. I just had to imagine that the food were abundant.

With the location, though its very far away from civilization, it was still worth the trip. Plus you get to see a lot of picture-worthy scenery. If only I didn't participate in those physical challenges, I could have took more than a thousand shots.

Anyways, pictures to follow very soon. XD

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