Monday, July 5

The week that was (June 27-July 3)

Half-year down. Half-year to go. XD

Sunday: Did some photo-editing in a long while. Though I still fee sleepy, I went to PTTC to attend another cosplay event.I didn't stay that long because I kinda find it a little boring with the space and available light.Went home after and took some rest and getting ready for the week ahead.

Monday: I went to work early. This would be our first week without any boss to take care of us. Work was quite smooth and steady. After work, I went home right away out of frustration because our salary wont be available until the next day. Instead, it took me 3 hours on a different route. I arrived home at 8:00pm.

Tuesday: Same routine. But this time, I had my breakfast at Jollibee in Phil First Building (below our office). work was pretty much OK. I patiently waited until our paycheck arrived.Good thing it arrived so I treat myself to NYFD with a steak sandwich but I was disappointed with the size. After work, I immediately went to Trinoma to meet my friend there and buy a new camera bag. But the mistake I made was taking a bus to get there instead of riding the MRT which would probably take me less than 30 mintues. The trip took me 2 hours (by bus).I was able to meet my friend there and got myself a new Crumpler 7mdh. I got home at 9:00pm, very exhausted but satisfied.

Wednesday: Though it was declared a holiday, I woke-up early to prepare for work. Commuting was quite fast which gave me enough time to have my breakfast at Jollibee.Then work as usual even though we were around 7 people in the office. Then I went to SM Megamall to meet my wife there and had our date at a new restaurant there. The food was good and the price was pretty much OK 

Thursday: Got up to do some morning rituals before going to work. Though I felt a little bit dizzy, I still tried to work normally. After work, I went to Robinson's Galeria to buy the 3 back issues of Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine (it costs me 895 pesos for the 3). I scanned the pages on my way home via G-Liner.

Friday: I got up at 5am since I need to report to the office at exactly 7am. I was able to get there early and waited until it was 4pm. As I was about to leave the office, one of my office mates told me that our colleague was celebrating his birthday today (actually a few days ago). So I joined them and had myself a bit full and stayed for 30 minutes more before going home. As I got home, I immediately did my laundry again so I could go to bed early. But since my wife came late, I went to bed past 11:00pm. 

Saturday: Got up early to attend DPP's 4th Anniversary (DPP Unleashed: A separate blog will be created for this). I went online for a while since I know I won't be able to go online for the whole day. Had my part 2 breakfast at KFC in MRT-Ayala station. Then went straight to BHS for this event. Me and my friends left there at around 10:45pm very much contented and half-drunk. XD

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