Monday, July 26


Current mood: Very exhausted

I just got home and up to now, I still feel the exhaustion of today's work. My office mate called me at around 4:30am to inform me that he won't be able to report to work. Because of that, I had to slide my shift to 7am-4pm despite lack of sleep. This would be the 2nd day that I'll be the only team member of the helpdesk in the morning shift until 1pm. Before I started my day, I made sure that I am well nourished to last the day. As the clock strikes 8am, my work was left and right. Most of the time, I had to monitor some servers that were down at that time. More over, I've been receiving a lot of calls regarding their server being down plus a couple of transfer calls and wrong numbers. At noon, I felt the fatigue in my body especially my eyes since I've been in front of the monitor for most of the time. Good thing my other team mate arrived at 1pm which gave me enough leeway to relax a little bit.

I hope all of my team mates will get well soon. It's really hard to be all by yourself especially if there are a lot of issues. XD

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