Monday, July 26

The week that was (July 18-24)

Sunday: I got up around past 7am to go online but our internet connection at home was still not working well. I went out to go online for 30 minutes before doing my laundry. I left home at 11:45am for my 1-10pm shift.Work was quite boring so I made my self preoccupied with plants vs zombies as well as my data gathering for my pictures. I do get some wrong number calls once in a while. After my shift, my wife asked me to get some money from our account. Then I looked for the nearest Mc Donald's for my late dinner but I wasn't able to find one until I reached crossing.I had my dinner there before going home.

Monday: I got up early to go online as well as to watch WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view show. After that, I had my early lunch before I went to our room to read the Sunday's paper I bought the previous day. Back pain hits me around 12pm. I don't know how and why it happened. I tried to sleep the pain away but it won't go. Then I was able to watch Angels and Demons on HBO before going online from 4-7pm. Up to that point my back still hurts so I tried to sleep it again from 7-8pm. Somehow it subsided for a while. 

Tuesday: Good thing my back pains subsided a lot. I went online in the morning again since I can't edit my pictures as wifey has the laptop again =(. I just watched Clash of the Titans that morning before going online for an hour outside. Then at 3:00pm, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. She gave me some pasalubongs from Ilocos as I got there. But before I got the pasalubong, I took a quick snack at Mc Donald's ordering my favorite Quarter Pounder with cheese meal for the third time in 4 days. It was raining on my way home but it didn't delay my travel home. 

Wednesday: I got up early again to do my morning rituals (I've kinda missed it somehow). Then, I'm back to work after my 2-days deferred off. Good thing I was able to pick-up where I left off.

Thursday: Got up early to do my morning rituals before going to work. Work was quite Ok though I've been blog-hopping in the afternoon since the day was quite slow. I was supposed to stay in the office until 7pm to edit some data on my photo collection but my camera's battery ran out of juice so I went home early. As I got home, I went online again but this time, to check some blogs about Sagada. That made me a bit curious and researched about it. 

Friday: Got up early for work. When I got in the office, my colleague told me that my team mate won't be able to report to work since he got sick, my other team mate on the other hand, had her deferred schedule so that makes me alone in our room from 8am-1pm. I thought it was a breeze until I had to take care and monitor two outages. I even skipped some bathroom sessions to pee just to man the station. Good thing my other team mate arrived at 1pm that gave me enough breather. Work was so light in the afternoon. My wife texted me that she wanted to go out. I obliged, and told her that we will meet at SM Megamall at around 6pm. I left the office once the clock strikes at 5:02pm and hurried to SM Megamall. My wife and I bonded a little since she was shopping for her clothes and some other things. We had our dinner at Gumbo's before going home. Before I went to sleep, I made sure to prepare my things for Saturday's photo walk.

Saturday: I got up early to attend the Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk. I went online first to check on my various accounts. Then I did my morning rituals before going to my target destination. I passed by Intramuros to have my breakfast before going to Sta Cruz. I got there at around 7:00am so I passed by Sta Cruz Church to say my prayers and give thanks. Then I meet-up with other fellow photographers for this year's World Wide Photo Walk. After a short and meaningful walk, I went home to finish my laundry before going online at night.


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