Tuesday, June 8

The week that was (May 30-June 5)

Sunday: Got up early to do some catching-up on photo-editing. After that, I did some laundry again before buying some stuff. Then we went to mass with my wife before getting ready for 2 events. First, I went to SM Manila to check-out on the cosplay event there. It was quite OK but they could have done even better as I left for SM North Edsa after an hour. It took me almost an hour and a half to reach SM North. Another hurdle would be falling in line to go up the overpass as its crowded with people.I waited until 5pm for me to be able to take pictures. Good thing I was able to go inside the skydome to take pictures of the lovely sagalas. I went home an hour later to avoid the rain and traffic.

Monday: Got up at around 5:30am and went online for a short time before going to the office. My day wasn't that busy. I went home right away to upload some data but my brother-in-law is using the desktop so I just waited and did my thing only for a short period of time.

Tuesday: Got up again. Same morning routine. But at work, it was almost everyone is busy creating tickets, logging documents. All IT-Related work at its best.At least it happens once in a while. After work, I went mall hopping to look for the latest issue of Digital Photographer Philippines (issue #32). After going to 2 malls, I was unsuccessful in finding one. I went home a little bit sad.

Wednesday: If yesterday was a busy day, this would be the opposite. Except for some US calls, the rest of the afternoon was pretty much the same (boring). After work, I tried my luck again in finding the latest issue of DPP (#32) but to no avail =(.

Thursday: I got up early knowing that it was raining heavily. Our room has a leak so we did a sort fix for the time being. Then I left early despite the rain, hoping I would arrive in the office on time.And I arrived on time. My day was quite OK to say the least. I sent an email to the organizers of the PHPhoto EB regarding the deposit slip my wife made last Tuesday. After work, I immediately went home to update some info for me to catch-up. 

Friday: Last day of the work week. I already anticipated a boring day. It was also the last day of one of my officemates here after working for more than 3 years with the company as he venture on a higher level.I sent a follow-up email to PHPhoto EB organizers if they were able to receive the email I sent them. Everybody was quite busy preparing for Saturday's outing.

Saturday: We got up very early since we have to go to Bulacan for our family outing. This would be my first time to go to Bulacan and first to go to one of its resorts. Though I feel very sleepy, I was able to enjoy the day swimming and taking pictures. That day was really tiring but in the end, it was all worth it.

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