Monday, June 7

My first Bulacan experience

Last Saturday, my in-laws and I together with their closest friends (office mates) decided to have their company outing at Jed's Resort in Calumpit Bulacan. There was a little dispute between my wife's boss and them (my wife and company) but I don't know the exact details so no need to elaborate here. XD

Around 4:45am, everybody is awake and busy preparing for the day ahead. Though I still feel sleepy, I also prepared myself for this adventure despite being in a sleepy state. While waiting for our ride to Bulacan, I took some snaps of Earnshaw Street in Sampaloc where I pass by almost everyday.

While traveling to Bulacan, I can't help it but to feel amazed and excited since this would be my first time going to Bulacan as well as staying in a Bulacan Resort. I don't know if its the same as staying in a Laguna Resort (I've been to Pansol a couple of times).

Then, we went inside the Resort itself. The place is quite big that 1-2 companies can have their outing there. It was also divided into several zones. We were assigned to a different zone. which we were far to the pool that makes waves. We made ourselves comfortable with our cottage before taking a dip at their pools. In between, I was able to take snaps for my family as well as the location itself. This time, I tried taking some snaps using 3 different exposures. The first was properly exposed, followed by the underexposed and lastly, the overexposed. I took turns in taking family portraits as well as the location itself for future reference (and post-processing).

After taking some snaps, I took a dip to the pool as well as indulging myself with lots of food brought by my in-laws and their friends. Its been a while since I took a dip in a pool (the last was Dec 2009 during our honeymoon in Bohol-Cebu). I made sure to savor every moment I was in the pool as well as take some snaps in-between.

Before leaving the place, I made sure that I would experience their waves at around 7:00pm. It was really fun because it was like you're been hit by a real wave by the beach.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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