Monday, June 14

FHM Autograph Signing June 2010: Maxine Eigenmann

After they didn't have an autograph signing last month, FHM made sure they will have this event for their June covergirl Maxine Eigenmann. I am quite disappointed that there was NO autograph signing last month due to her (Ms Angel Locsin) hectic schedule. We could have our FHMs signed by her as well as have a photo-op with her. All we have to do now is to hope and pray that someday, she can sign our magazines and take our pictures with her.

Moving forward, I left home (In Laguna) at around 3:00pm and got there after two and a half hours because of the horrendous traffic. Once I got to the Robinsons Supermarket, I saw a lot of people waiting patiently. I meet-up with my friends again and join the others as we waited for Maxene to arrive. Then we were able to see her in person, have our FHM's signed and have a photo-op with her. I have to comment about her signature though. Its like she's not in the mood as its evident with her forced smile. But anyway, I have my magazine signed and that's fine by me.

These are some of my takes (Posted: September 4, 2010). XD

The Stage where it happens

Maxine on the tarp. XD

Maxine holding my FHM. XD

Maxine with yours truly. XD

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