Tuesday, June 1

The week that was (May 23-29)

Sunday: Got up at around 7am and immediately did some photo editing. We made sure we were full before we left home going back to Manila. Once we got home, I immediately do some laundry of my own (socks + face towels) as my wife complains that our broadband got disconnected. We called Sun but they weren't much of help. I went to Robinson's Galeria to settle our account and the rep mentioned that our broadband will be reconnected within 24 hours. Then later that night. I got an SMS from my boss asking me to report earlier (7am-4pm instead of my usual 8am-5pm).

Monday: With barely 6 hours of sleep, I went to work for my 7am-4pm shift. I passed by Mc Donalds along Ayala Ave to get some food since my lunch won't be until 1pm. Then we waited for our phone lines to get ok (migration to fiber optics) before we started our work. I left early since I reported early.

Tuesday: I got up at around 5:30am. When I got to the office, it was like I wanna sleep again since I feel like I'm deprived of it for weeks now. The day was quite OK before going home. Uploaded some pictures to my facebook and multiply account that night.

Wednesday: Got up in the middle of the night with cramps on my left leg. It hurts like hell that I almost woke everybody. Good thing it subsided before starting my day at 5:45am. I can hardly walk straight for a few minutes before my legs get used to the pressure. The good news is that our pay was already ready. I went to the nearest ATM Machine to withdraw some money and waited for 5pm for me to go home. But instead of going home, I went to Robinson's Galeria to buy the Digital Photography Books (boxed set) by Scott Kelby that I am looking forward to buy for that past 2-3 weeks at NBS. There was an instance that I miss one of its book while having diner at Cajun Restaurant. I went back to NBS to tell the saleslady that I had two volume 2 books instead of 1 (there was no volume 1 in the boxed set I bought).

Thursday: Got up at around 5:45am despite having less sleep (5 hours).I thought my day would be OK but I felt like I'm gonna collapse. Probably due to lack of sleep for the past few weeks now that its catching-up on me.I don't know what hit me when I decided to stop by at Robinson's Galeria again to indulge myself in another food trip courtesy of Thai Kitchen. I went home full but still not feeling good.

Friday: I got up earlier (4:15am) than my usual wake-up time despite that I didn't have work that day. I just went online and sort some pictures for future editing. After taking my wife to the LRT for her work, I went back home to try to get some more sleep for an hour or two. Then I went out for lunch and have my haircut after 3 months. I went online before going to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom (and hand my contribution to her). I got there early despite the rain and went first to national bookstore to read some photography books. After meeting my mom, I went back to national bookstore to continue my reading. After I purchased my first photography book, I realized that it would be an addiction I want to indulge in minus the spending of course. Then I went to Robinson's Place Manila to look for my future camera bag. I passed by Crumpler Store on the 3rd floor and asked one of the saleslady there the specs of the 6 million dollar home (better known as 6mdh). I really liked the bag and I will getting it in 2 months time. Before I went home, I passed by booksale to see if the June issue of FHM is now available. Luckily I was able to purchase one. I took a quick bite at Chef D' Angelo while scanning my newly purchased FHM.The magazine was awesome because my response there thru their facebook account was there. ^_^. It took me more than an hour commuting from Malate back to Sampaloc as it was raining heavily.

Saturday: Got up a little bit late since I'm not feeling 100% well. I wasn't able to edit some pictures that I was supposed to do. Then I had to work from 1pm-10pm which made me sacrifice some events that I was suppose to attend. My shift was not that boring (thanks to the 2 phone calls I got ^_^ ). After shift, I had the urge to take a light dinner at Jollibee before going home. It took me an hour and a half to go home. Then I joined my wife for dinner before calling it a night.

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