Wednesday, June 16

The week that was (June 6-12)

Sunday: I got up a little bit late but instead of editing pictures, I catch up on my facebook games (bad marky XD). Then we went to mass with my wife before we decided to go out on a date since its our 6th month as husband and wife. We decided to stop by at Robinson's Galeria for our lunch and some shopping (for my wife). First we looked for some new clothes for my wife since most of her old ones don't fit on her well anymore. I think she got 8 t-shirts all-in-all. After shopping,we had our lunch at Cajun's and we were so stuffed before going home. I bought a copy of DPP issue #32 since that would be your ticket for their 5th anniversary party on the 3rd of July.

Monday: It was not that busy for me (Mondays and Fridays are always like that here in the office). After work, I went home to update my records on my Brother-in-Law's PC.

Tuesday: Got up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. I thought I could sleep-over it but as I got up at around 5:30am, the pain was still there. I battled my way through this pain as I work my way through the day. My wife sent me a message that she wanted to go out for dinner. That day was our 45th month as bf-gf (cheezy! XD). I told her that we will meet after office hours.Then I chance by the event from Ayala land but the site is not yet up. I waited until 5pm but to no avail. After work, I immediately took the bus to Cubao to meet my wife there and have dinner together. I waited for 45 mins before my wife arrived. Then, we ate at Butter Diner (our favorite spot in Cubao) before going home.

Wednesday: I got up this morning and went online to check if I could register for the photo contest titled "iheartmakati". Good thing, the site was ok unlike the previous day where I waited patiently only ending up with nothing. This time my nose is stuffed with mucus.But it didn't prevent me from delivering my work for that day. Except for constant sneezing, my day was quite OK. I went to Ayala Exchange Tower One to get my ID for the photoshoot. I was amazed not just on how tall the building is, but also how it is well guarded. Getting the ID was quite easy and Ces (The In-Charge for the event) was easy to talk to. After work, I stopped by Ayala Triangle Park to get some angles and see how I would compose the picture. As I got home, I feel so tired, I feel like gonna get flu =(.

Thursday: Though I'm not feeling well, I still managed to go to work. The day was quite slow except for a few tickets. After lunch, I went back to the Ayala Exchange Tower One bldg to get the ID Lace I needed. But Ces was not there. Going back to the office, I noticed on my ID that it was valid only on the 19th. I almost panicked. I asked Ces regarding this and after an hour, I went back to her office for some clarification as well as to get my ID. Traveling to and from there takes me 20 minutes even if the buildings are adjacent to one another. The rest of the afternoon is pretty much steady (or should I say a little bit boring).

Friday: Got up a bit early and much better now than the past few days. Since I got early in Makati, I took another breakfast at Jollibee before going to the office. Work was unusual because we were quite busy in the morning as well as in the afternoon. There was a parade at Ayala Avenue as they celebrate Araw ng Makati. After office, I went to Greenbelt 5 to check some camera bags at Digital Walker Zoom. My future camera bag was also available there (that makes me happier XD). Then I went home via Ortigas-Legarda route. But it took me almost two hours to get home due to traffic. Then our bus went bonkers so we had to transfer to another bus before I finally got home. Then I did some laundry pretty quick since its already late at night. 

Saturday: Got up early to go online instead of editing photos (now my work would be piled-up). Then we went to San Pedro to visit my folks there. Then I went to Robinsons Galeria to attend the autograph Signing of Maxine Eigenmann. Traffic was quite slow that it took me 2.5 hours to get there. After the signing, We had a short dinner with my friends while we exchange stories on whats going on with our respective lives. Then I went home right away since my wife misses me so much XD.

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