Monday, June 21

The week that was (June 13-19)

Sunday: I got up early to go online for a while. Then we prepared ourselves back to Manila.I was able to borrow my sister's tripod since it hasn't been used for a long time. Once we got home and set-up my wife's laptop, I tried to take pictures of our room with the aid of the tripod since capturing pictures in low-light situations are very tricky. Then I did some grocery as well as went online for another hour before calling it a day.

Monday: I got up early since my shift will start at 7:00am. I took a cab going to work to ensure that I will be there early. I logged-in at around 6:10am. Then, I went out to take some pictures and see if there are also other fellow photographers doing their thing. Unfortunately, I was harassed by the security guards twice despite that I had my shooting id and permit secured at Ayala Land. Then I started my shift at 7:00am. Work was quite slow and made me try to take pictures of our office (empty) with the help of my tripod that I borrowed from my sister the previous day. I took my lunch at Landmark for a change. The weather was very hot in the afternoon but it changed at around 4:30pm. I was able to meet fellow photographers for a photowalk in Makati for the iheartmakati photo contest. Despite having 1-bar on my camera's battery and a bad weather, I was able to take pictures on some of Makati's tall buildings. After my battery died on me, I bid farewell to my new friends for now since I have to go home. I went on Ortigas-Legarda route so I could look for an ID hard case for my iheartmakati ID. But unfortunately, I didn't found any.

Tuesday: I got up early again and did my morning rituals before going to work. Work was quite steady during the day. By lunchtime, I went to National Bookstore in Greenbelt 1 to buy an id case for my iheartmakati ID. After office hours, I meet-up with some fellow photographers to take some shots at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. I was able to take pictures of the night sky but its quite difficult given that I shot hand-held.I should have brought with me my sister's tripod.

Wednesday: Then in the afternoon, we had our general assembly for the second quarter where the company's milestone was discussed as well as the other employees concern regarding leave, overtime and offsetting (which I'm not much affected for the moment).After work, I meet-up with my fellow hobbyists to take pictures again. This time, I had my tripod with me for long exposure shots. I was able to take those long exposure shots that I usually see on the web. Though I have to admit that I have to work on it more.

Thursday: I was able to reach the office earlier than expected. But before that, I took my 2nd round of breakfast at Mc Donalds at Ayala Ave since I felt hungry again. Then I got a call from the US that kept me busy for a couple of minutes before it went back to stupor of boredom. The afternoon was quite busy for our team at Helpdesk since we have to finish most of our tickets for the day.After work, I had another chance to take pictures of Makati in another perspective from the previous days.

Friday: Got up early again and did my usual morning activity. The rest of the day was pretty much OK (a little bit busy with work). After work, I meet-up with some friends for another night shoot in Makati. I was able to take pictures of the tall buildings at night plus I realized I improved a bit on my long exposure takes. I wanted to stay longer but I had to go home early for Saturday's event.

Saturday: I got up early not because I had to edit pictures (I haven't been doing that for the past couple of weeks) but to go to Makati since its the last day of the I Heart Makati Photo Contest. I got there at around 6:30am. I went to the office first to make myself feel comfy since there were no photographers yet when I got to the Ayala Triangle Garden. I was able to meet-up with some old and new friends and took pictures of the place. Had free breakfast and lunch c/o Ayala Lands. Then I had to go to SMX to attend the Phphoto EB (Since I paid for the shirt). The 5-minute seminars done by each speaker was really enlightening. I learned some as well as met new friends (another blog for this part). After the EB, I was planning to get home early but heavy rains prevented me to do so. I had to take a longer route just to get home. Then I had to do my laundry before going to bed.

That week was really tiring. XD

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