Thursday, June 24

Wake-up call

Current Mood: Relieved

This morning, my boss spoke with me for a couple of minutes before my shift started. It was about what happened yesterday as well as my performance for almost 3 months at my stay here at Greif. I know, I have some shortcomings (mostly big ones) and I know I don't have to make excuses out of them. My boss almost pointed out everyone of them. I offered no further explanations which I know all of them were my fault. I should have paid utmost attention to each one of them. I feel a little bit embarrassed with my actions for the past few days (weeks perhaps) since I should have been well-skilled in my duties by now.

I have to admit, having the liberty of browsing any websites here got me side-tracked on what my targets are in the first place. Its really tempting to do so since we were in the IT Department. Also, most of my colleagues here browse the internet but they are on a safe position unlike me which my position is very compromising. But still, the temptation is so strong, its very hard to resist. It was like I'm on drugs everyday and the feeling was so good. But then I realized that I have to set things straight. I have to do the right things more accurately and pay more attention to details.

But for my remaining 3 months here at Greif, I'll do my best to minimize web browsing and read more helpdesk documents for me to be able to sharpen my IT skills so I could be more marketable. Probably by then, I will improve quite a bit. Whether they would renew my contract or not, I know I did my best to contribute to the growth of the company.

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