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Back-to-Back (Another Late Blog XD)

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It could have been a grand slam already for the Los Angeles Lakers if it wasn't for the Boston Celtics who won the 2008 NBA championship two years ago. Their recent finals encounter took all 7 games to decide who will emerge victorious. And that game 7, they went all-out and it took a come-from-behind win for it to be considered historic.

I have been a fan of the LA Lakers since I discovered basketball. From the Magic-Larry wars to the hard times to the Shaq-Kobe era and probably now, Pau-Kobe and beyond I follwed almost every game whenever I have the time to watch TV. Whenever they lose a game, I feel sad for them. But everytime they win, its like a festival. 

Since I have work during the day, All I can do is to check and see how the game goes even if I'm just looking at the box scores.

Here are the results of the recently concluded 2010 NBA Finals.

Game 1: at LAL
BOS 89, LAL 102 - Final

Game 2: at LAL
BOS 103, LAL 94 - Final

Game 3: at BOS
LAL 91, BOS 84 - Final

Game 4: at BOS
LAL 89, BOS 96 - Final

Game 5: at BOS
LAL 86, BOS 92 - Final

Game 6: at LAL
BOS 67, LAL 89 - Final

Game 7: at LAL
BOS 79, LAL 83 - Final
Again, Congratulations LA. Lets aim for that Grandslam. XD

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