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DPP Unleashed

Though this is not my first official event that I'll be attending in relation to photography, I'm looking forwad to this event since the last week of May. Below is the details of the said event. With the list of speakers who will be giving a talk, who would refuse to attend right? XD

Event: UNLEASHED- DPP 4th Year Anniversary Party
Where: Fully Booked High Street
When: Saturday, July 3
Time: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Entrance Fee: FREE with our UNLEASHED Pass.

What to Expect : Just lectures from the country's best photographers, a LIVE SHOOT with beautiful models (only hot chicks for DPP!), an entertaining and educational LIVE JUDGING with a motley group of judges, and a raging party right after.

Did you read that correctly? FREE? Yes, our UNLEASHED Anniversary Party is FREE. Unlike other photography events that charge you P 3,600, we don't charge you one stinking centavo.

Can anyone attend the workshops? NO. You will need our UNLEASHED Pass to attend the workshops.

How do you get this pass? Simple. Its inside DPP ISSUE 32 which is out in the stands next week. To those cheap bastards who opened magazines to steal passes last year, guess what, we printed the passes on a magazine page and that page is bound to the magazine.

Who are the speakers? Off the top of my head.....Pilar Tuason, Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas, Jo Avila, John Mateos Ong, Paco Guerrero, Mark Dimalanta. I will add more to this list over the next few days. Just a quick background on Paco Guerrero, he was featured in DPP 31 and is probably the best lifestyle travel photographer in this country. Mark Dimalanta is a Pentax Japan sponsored photographer who specializes in surf and sports.

Confirmed today 5/27 that Jay Tablante will be speaking and judging.
Confirmed on 6/2 that Mark Dimalanta will be giving two classes.
Just confirmed 6/7 that Raymond Isaac will be speaking and judging.
Confirmed 6/8 that Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas will indeed give a class.
Confirmed 6/10 that Jay Jallorina will be giving a class and judging.

Please see the thread UNLEASHED Class Schedule. We have TEN first rate speakers for this event.

Will there be a LIVE SHOOT? We are still awaiting confirmation from High Street but the odds are stacked for a YES. We'll see if we can have two shoots.

There will be two live shoots, one with Pilar Tuason doing fashion and glamour and the other with Mark Dimalanta doing action / sports.

Are you going to be more organized this Year than last? HELL YEAH! We thought we were going to get 200 participants last year but we got 700 instead. We're ready this year. Attendees will be PRE-REGISTERED before going to Fully Booked so no more waiting in long lines.

Lets clear this up. There is NO On line Registration. All you have to do is bring your registration form found inside of ISSUE 32 and bring your ID as well.

How Many Classes will there be? We have the ENTIRE FULLY BOOKED reserved for DPP. That means there are three lecture rooms that can seat anywhere from 40-80 people. If classes start at Noon and go till 6 pm, at one hour length, we will have 18 different classes. We will probably have less, maybe 14-15 different classes since some classes may need more than an hour.

What is the Class Schedule? I will be posting this over the next two weeks.

What Topics will be discussed? Most everything. You can expect subjects like Portraits, Beauty, Lighting, Strobes, Landscapes, Wedding, Photoshop, Travel, Color Management, and much more.

The Workshop Speakers:

Jo Avila - a top photographer and an excellent teacher who is one of the country's best photographers to go to when you want to learn the fundamentals. Jo will set you straight. Jo is also a technical geek who is great with color management and a whlz in Photoshop.

Pilar Tuason - a leading wedding and portrait photographer in the country, Pilar is also active here on DPP and is the Editor-in-Chief of DPP Magazine. Pilar's specialty is portraiture and making people look great, especially women. She is also the country's hottest photographer and coolest chick. Drool all you want guys, but she's married to yours truly.

Jay Jallorina - I rate him as one of the country's finest landscape photographers, Jay calls DPP his home. He has turned professional over the last year and a half and teaches a very successful workshop. Jay can find a shot where others can't and he is also a technical master being able to communicate what he sees and how he does it very efficiently.

Paco Guerrero - you may know his name from DPP Issue 31. Paco is a Spanish-Filipino photographer, raised in Manila and in Spain, and shot with the best travel magazines in Europe. He is a regular contributor to Conde Nast Traveler Spain, Viajar Magazine, and other fashion magazines in Europe and in Asia. He is a stable photographer for Town and Country mag locally. Paco is a professional lifestyle travel photographer who gets paid the bucks to travel and shoot. As good as he is on the road, he can also rip it up indoors. He is a good portraitist and also excels with interior and architecture photography.

Mark Dimalanta - or Surf Doc as some people call him. Mark is a PENTAX sponsored photographer who has just recently moved back to Manila to shoot full time. Mark has shot campaigns for many surf brands and also for surf magazines like SURFER Mag in the US. Mark is just as good out of the water as he is in the water and shoots sports and action photography too. Dimalanta is also knows his tech and can talk endlessly on gear.

John Mateos Ong - one of the country's most successful wedding photographer, John Mateos Ong owns Imagination studio. Not only is John an excellent lensman, his business and marketing acumen are first rate. He will be around to talk about how to shoot weddings and how to get the most of it for your business.

Jay Alonzo - a successful commercial photographer, many of us know Jay Alonzo as a lighting expert who conducts one of the most successful photography classes in the Philippines. Jay is an Olympus sponsored professional adept at all facets of photography, but his niche is lighting.

Raymond Isaac - does he need an intro? Not he doesn't, but we all know Raymond's stature in the Philippines. He is the top fashion and glamour photographer in the country who shoots most of the major campaigns. We're glad he accepted our offer to talk in DPP Unleashed.

Jay Tablante - a very popular photographer in DPP, Jay shoots also for the top magazines in the country. You see his work frequently in FHM magazine. Jay is also the godfather of cosplay photography in the Philippines. He is brilliant in conceptualizing a shoot. He is a whiz with the lights. Lastly, we all know that Jay is not shy to share his opinion, that's why we all look out for his posts in DPP.

Xander Angeles - The X Man needs no intro also, but if you're been living under a rock or just discovered photography now, Xander redefined fashion photography in the Philippines. He runs a successful business in New York and we're lucky that he is back focusing on his EDGE OF LIGHT studio with his talented team of Niko Villegas and Genald Tungol.

Now for the Class Schedule:

Note that there are THREE (3) Classrooms in Fully Booked Boni High Street--the Basement (around 60 pax), 4th Floor (50 pax), and 5th Floor (100 pax). Some classes will go on simultaneously so you need to choose which class you want to attend.


1100 - 1200- REGISTRATION

1200 - 1300- Light Painting by Jo Avila- In this class, Jo will show how to paint with light. Learning this technique will expand your knowledge of how important light is to photography. BASEMENT

1300 - 1400- Wedding Shooting Techniques and Marketing for your Wedding Photography Business by John Mateos Ong. Learn from one of the country's most successful wedding photographers the requirements on shooting a wedding and also how to improve your business. BASEMENT

1300 - 1430- EPICSCAPES: How to Create Extraordinary Landscapes by Jay Jallorina. The title says it all. Join Jay as he shows you how to create epic landscape photography. 5th FLOOR

1400 - 1500- So You Wanna Be a Travel Photographer by Paco Guerrero. Paco will cover it all, whether you are already an experienced shooter or just a beginner who wants to learn how to improve your travel photography shots. I have seen the lecture and this is a class any aspiring travel photographer should not miss.

1400-1500 GET THE COLORS RIGHT: Photoshop and Color Management by Jo Avila. In this class Jo will tell you why what you see is always not what you get and what you can do to fix it. Bring an image because Jo will correct students photos showing a post processing workflow. 4TH FLOOR

1430-1600 BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS by Pilar Tuason. Pilar will show you the simple techniques she uses to create stunning and beautiful portraits of women and children. She will discuss lighting, posing, and the secret element to get the best portraits whether it be for weddings, commercial work, or just everyday shots. 5TH FLOOR

1500 - 1600 LIGHTING ON LOCATION: A Workflow by Jay Alonzo. Master Jay shows us how to light on the road and what you need to do to get great photos on location. BASEMENT

1500 - 1600 DON'T MISS THE ACTION: How to Shoot Sports by Mark Dimalanta. To get the best action shots, you need to learn from the best. Mark specializes in surf but has done it all. He told us that he will open the entire book and share ALL the secrets. He won't hold anything back. 4TH FLOOR

1600 - 1700 YOUNG GUNS: Transitioning from Amateur to Pro by Villegas, Soguillon, and Macam. Three young shooters successful on their own will share their experiences from being an amateur to turning professional. Learn first hand experience from the young photographers who are now making photography their full time career. 4TH FLOOR

1600 - 1730 LIGHTING AND CONCEPTUALIZING for COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHY by Jay Tablante. You don't have to like cosplay to benefit from this lecture because Jay will explain the thought process behind creating a photo from concept to design, to lighting, to post processing. What you learn here you apply to every shoot you have. This will surely be interesting. BASEMENT

1630 - 1730 LIVE SHOOT with Pilar Tuason and Mark Dimalanta. Pilar Tuason will lead a group of photographers around High Street on a fashion shoot while Mark Dimalanta will do an action shoot. These are two separate classes. OUTDOORS BONI HIGH STREET

1700- 1800 THE REAL APPROACH to FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY in the Digital Age by Raymond Isaac. I can't even tell you the little details of Raymond's class, but when he talks, we all should listen. 5TH FLOOR

1800 - 1900- LIVE SHOOT REVIEW by Pilar Tuason and Mark Dimalanta. Those who attended the Live Shoot will see the results obtained by Pilar and Mark with explanation of their intent. 4TH FLOOR

1800 - 1930 EDGE OF LIGHT: Deconstructed by Xander Angeles, Niko Villegas, and Genald Tungol. Xander and the EOL team will take apart their best images, share the secrets on how each were shot, and also show their new photos and techniques. When these guys spill the beans, we should take out our video recorders! 5TH FLOOR

1930 - 2000 FLAIR SHOW- We have some DPP shooters who are professional bartenders skilled in juggling all those drink bottles in competition. We are going to do this to get everyone riled up before the LIVE JUDGING.

2000 - 2100 LIVE JUDGING- No need to explain this anymore. Just search the threads about this EPIC DPP invention. This is pure entertainment and should not be missed. 5TH FLOOR


2115 - 2300 PARTY TILL BOOZE RUNS OUT - Talk to old friends and make new ones, just don't get ultra plastered like I did last year. This year we want to see Derick Gamboa ripped! 5TH FLOOR

So there you have it. DPP UNLEASHES its 4th Year Anniversary Party. See you guys on July 3!

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