Tuesday, June 29

The 3-Hour Traffic

And I thought it won't happened but it did. After work, I immediately went hone since our pay won't be until today. As I step outside of our office building, It was raining cats and dogs. Nevertheless, I walked straight ahead going on the next bus to Ortigas since it was very difficult to cross Ayala Avenue with heavy rains. But it took me an hour and a half to reach Robinson's Galeria. Then I stroll around the mall before taking the second bus to Legarda. But lo and behold, more people stranded at Ortigas Ave making it more impossible to ride a bus home. Out of desperation, I went to EDSA and took a bus to Cubao as a last resort, Once I got to Cubao, I made my way to Farmer's Market before heading to Gateway for me to access the LRT2. After 3 hours, I was able to reach home safe and sound. XD

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