Monday, June 28

The week that was (June 20-26)

Sunday: I got up early to catch-up with my online activities. Then we went to church to hear mass before leaving home to practice my photography skills. I was still thinking whether to go to Mc Kinley for the Volkswagen Carshow or to SM Megamall for the Toycon. Since the weather was very unpredictable, I decided to go to SM Megamall instead.

Monday: Did my morning rituals before going to the office. Since our PABX system is under maintenance for 3 hours, we didn't have any calls for the time being (Yehey! XD). After that, it was back to normal for us here in the office.

Tuesday: I got late by 16 minutes due to heavy traffic plus it took me 20 minutes to get my first bus ride.Work was a bit heavy but still, I was able to manage on my own. I was also given a free polo shirt c/o Greif. It looks like a Nike logo when viewed from a distance but its really different. I tried it on my way home but its quite tight on my belly (XL). As I got home, I took some time to rest and close my eyes even for a few minutes. 

Wednesday: I left home earlier since I will be meeting my mom at Harrison Plaza. Work was much heavier.And I got a beating of my own since I was really loaded until 4:30pm. With too much work, there were things that I forgot to prioritize. I was able to finish it though and I left the office at 5:30pm. 

Thursday: As I got into the office, my boss and I had a little talk regarding my performance and my lapse the previous day. I had to limit myself in web browsing for the time being until I get myself back into the groove.I did some review and refresh my memory on some helpdesk-related work. But our day was very light though.

Friday: Thank God It's Friday. Though its quite sad that our boss won't be reporting to our team anymore (his last day was last Thursday). All of us were in shock since he didn't mention that he was leaving. Still we wish him all the best. Same thing, the day was very light. I went home right away to do some laundry of my own and went to bed early. 

Saturday: My wife wake me up at around 4:30am since she wants to go jogging. We went to UST first before going to Luneta park. Once we got home, she fell alsleep again while I went online for a while. Then we were supposed to hear mass but there were no mass schedule so we stayed home for the rest of the day.

That was really quick and almost easy week for me. XD

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