Friday, April 2

Why Photoshop Why?

Current Mood: Very Upset

I was supposed to have a photo editing marathon this morning since this would be the only chance I have to use this laptop (my wife use this more often than I am). Unfortunately, both my Photoshop CS4 Extended and Photoshop 7 were having a mind of its own. Almost every time I save my work, it closes without any notice that there is something wrong with the software. Also, when I try to open a new picture, It closes out on me at first before I could open successfully. I even try uninstalling and reinstalling it again but it gives me the same result. Probably, my output for today would be 10% or equivalent to 10 out of 100 photos that I should have edited today.

Well, I'll try again tomorrow and see if it still happens or not.

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