Monday, April 5

The week that was (March 28 - April 3)

This marks the beginning of a new journey for me as an IT Professional. XD

Sunday: Got up early since I have to go home in San Pedro to get some working clothes as well as other important papers for my pre-employment requirements. I stayed there for 6 hours before I went back home in Manila. I went online that night to share the good news with my friends about my new work.

Monday: Got up early for my first day at work. I anticipated the traffic but I didn't anticipate the possibility of arriving too early at the office. I was oriented with the ins and outs of Greif and the work flow as Global Help Desk. Then I spend the entire afternoon reading documents as well as going online though I'm not comfortable with Internet Explorer.

Tuesday: Got my Office Email (Lotus Notes) and did a test. Continued to read Greif's manual on Helpdesk procedures. Tried to eat lunch at the cafeteria from The Enterprise Center. Went home via PVP bus feeling tired and still rusty. Fell asleep thats why I missed my stop and walked for more than 10 minutes.

Wednesday: Learned a thing or two in Active Directory and one of my team mates taught me about their monitoring tasks as well as how to create a ticket. Then went online before going home

Thursday: Went online almost the entire morning. Joined my wife and her sisters at Visita Iglesia but unable to complete it due to leg cramps and irregular heart beat. Went to bed earlier than scheduled.

Friday: I'm feeling much better now after Thursday night. Edited at least 10 pictures or 10% of supposed to be 100 picture. Then tried to edit some more at night though Photoshop doesn't want to cooperate with me.

Saturday: Went online in the morning for a couple of hours but I didn't edit some photos because of what happened the other night. We went home to Laguna to spend our weekends there. Got online in the afternoon and I was surprised because the internet cafe where I used to go has a new owner.

It was really fast and quite tiring but somewhat eventful. XD.

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