Tuesday, April 6

I got it back

Current mood: Experimental

I got up early in the morning not just to go to work. I visited Canon's office in Makati to pick-up my DSLR as well as my 2 kit lens that I have sent for repair 2 months ago. Imagine, I didn't took pictures for 2 months that made me feel like I'm missing on something.

On my way to their service center, I was thinking whether I will log-in first in the office before going to Canon or the other way around. Though the best decision was to go to the office first but I took a gamble on the latter hoping I would be able to finish the transaction in less than 10 minutes

I arrived at 8:20am, just in time to claim my camera. However, I didn't expect that it will take me some time before they released it especially that their office would start at 8:30am. Though it didn't took that long, I have to be in the office by 9:00am. I finished at 8:55am. I took a cab going to the office but I got stuck in a traffic jam. I got late by 16 minutes but my boss didn't mind at all. Probably even if he got a little bit  upset, it won't matter since I got what I wanted for the last two months. All I have to do now is rest and conceptualize on my first shoot in two months. ^_^

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